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Thread: Sony Patents Motion Control System, Uses Objects as Controllers

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    saioke Guest

    Sony Patents Motion Control System, Uses Objects as Controllers

    We saw Sony unveil an LED wand during their E3 press conference.

    The device in conjunction with an EyeToy camera brought motion control to the PlayStation 3. In addition to that Sony developed another motion control system that uses everyday objects.

    A recently published patent from Sony details a system where a camera can dynamically map an object - any real world object - for use in a video game.

    To quote: The illustration has a U shape block, but the patent outlines other example objects "include items such as coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc." While these are given as examples the object mapping system is not limited to those objects, it can identify any three dimensional object.

    Before using an object like the U shaped block the camera captures has to capture it. Figure 2 explains the system where players show the object, rotate it, and save a profile for it in a file. The system then analyzes movements and translates them into in game actions.

    Below are some examples of how Sony could use this technology. The "virtual world light sword" in figure 3B is particularly interesting. When a player holds the U-shaped block up the sword is "on" and the blade will be extended in the game. When the U-shaped block is upside down the sword is "off".

    The system looks like Microsoft's Project Natal, but instead of driving an imaginary steering wheel players can use an everyday item like a plate.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest

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    I think that it's great that we can receive the same type of functionality as Natal with hardware that we already have readily available to us. If Sony could somehow release something like this ahead of Natal, they could possibly destroy the competition.

    I really can't wait for motion controls to be brought to the PlayStation 3.

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    Longshot Guest
    Well .. MotionTracking for Consoles isn't that new anymore. I guess PS3 is now on the verge of getting 2 seemingly good choices for that. I prefer the one shown on the E3 with the LED-Stick or how one can call it. Its shown accuracy and looked fun.

    One thing we shouldnt forget... the best hardware is useless without good games or utils. So i think more important then the hardware itself (so its almost perfect looking) are the games that will make use of those things. And it should make really good use not something like 3 direction shooters or dumb swordplay.

    Lets hope and pray they will find good methods of making this work for us.

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