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Thread: Sony Patent Uncovered to Detect Pirated Software Tracking Load Times

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    StanSmith i just really got bored after playing online games for countless hours on my CFW PS3 (still not banned ). i have like 80 titles that i didn't finish. i want to enjoy all those games now.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    It seem that they just want to port their own SecuROM copy protection also on the PS3; SecuROM works by checking the density of data being read from a disk. Data density of data accessed from a disk would degrade from the inside of the DVD to the outside of the DVD, but SecuROM allows a vendor to add a specific pattern to the degradation of data density. If that pattern isn't found, then SecuROM will determine that the disk is not valid and the program refuse to start

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    alchemist884 Guest
    sony is very good at telling lies... they will use their patterns even in tv's.

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    jarvis Guest
    Scratched discs will load slower as the drive will have to retry. This will do nothing to stop pirates, and only screw over legitimate users. Again.

    So now they will have to maintain a database as to how fast games should load? So if I want to turn on my PS3 and play a game, I will have to update my firmware, apply a game update, and then update this database? Gotcha. Sony - the consumer friendly company...

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    maddhatter0311 Guest
    It'll be just like the cinavia protection that Sony implemented to try to deter pirates from watching downloaded movies only to hurt the actual people that legitimately paid for movies. It later was fixed through cfw, which will ultimately happen with this as well as long as the scene stays fruitful with such great programmers.

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    patrykz Guest
    I think it's not a problem because we'll need a multiman which can emulate loading times of blu-ray game like WinUAE does with amiga games, and games load in real time of loading on amiga from diskette

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    Itheunknown Guest
    Not a problem, there's nothing they can do that can't be undone

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