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Thread: Sony Outlines More Exclusive Extras for PlayStation Plus Members

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    Sony Outlines More Exclusive Extras for PlayStation Plus Members

    Recently Sony revealed some exclusive extras for PlayStation Plus members including Mushroom Wars/2Xtreme and PlayStation Protection Plan Discounts, and today PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has outlined more!

    To quote: Back again just to let you know that we have managed to secure another early demo for PS Plus members.

    From the 25th August, Plus members will have early access to the latest demo of R.U.S.E.

    This is exclusive to Plus members until the 1st Sept, when the demo will be available on the Store.

    As with the last demo, you will be able to download this from the Plus section of the Store or you will get it via Automatic Downloads if you have this feature switched on.

    Will let you know as soon as we have more little treats for you during the coming months.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I'm excited about this. Been hearing a lot about it lately, however, it's not in the Store as of this posting...

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    wolfpack122 Guest
    So now Sony is doing what Microsoft is doing? "Pay us for the premium service and we would give you early access to demos". I don't like this model.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    WOW... a ... a... demo?

    PLAYSTATION PLUS subscribers must be peeing their pants...

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    dukecity420 Guest
    I still got more free games to play with Plus than the one free game that was given in the history of Live. It's not like this is the only thing ever going to be presented from Plus. Not really sure what I would wet my self about, unless you meant peeing my pants that Plus is actually providing content compared to paying money to just play games online with Live.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Correction to my earlier post: It is available on the UK store, just not the NA.

    Which makes me wonder when the NA store will have it...

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yeh but... its out on the 10th sept (ruse)... still not impressed with plus I think it is a half hearted attempt to pls EA (& others) about this "online pass" argument, which has been mentioned behind their closed doors so who knows how long the arguments been going on --- or am i being too pessimistic here and should turn me pc off now and turn me ps3 on man

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