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Thread: Sony Officially Welcomes PS Certified Devices to PlayStation Mobile

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    Sony Officially Welcomes PS Certified Devices to PlayStation Mobile

    Sony European Product Manager Mayumi Donovan has officially welcomed PS certified devices to PlayStation Mobile, which goes live today!

    To quote: PlayStation Mobile goes live today, delivering exciting bite-sized games to both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Certified devices through PlayStation Store.

    PlayStation Mobile offers an enticing entry point into the PlayStation world to all owners of a PS Certified smartphone or tablet, while giving PS Vita gamers the chance to expand their collection with a host of innovative, affordable titles.

    All you need to get started is a Sony Entertainment Network account and a compatible device (full list here).

    If you're using a PS Vita, a new PlayStation Mobile tab will appear in the Store. If you're using a smartphone or tablet, you can access the store through the dedicated "PlayStation Mobile for Android" app.

    This will either automatically be added to your device or you can manually download it via For more information on accessing the app, see our online guide.

    Of course, at the heart of PlayStation Mobile are the games, and the launch line-up truly promises something for everyone.

    There are a wide range of titles available, including adventure, action, puzzle and sports games, created by both third party developers and SCE Worldwide Studios. Prices range from €0.50 to €12.99.

    All PlayStation Mobile games will support the on-screen virtual DUALSHOCK controller, ensuring a unique experience across all of PlayStation certified mobile devices. And if you're using a PS Vita or Xperia PLAY device, you'll also be able to play with traditional button controls, where applicable.

    Here are a few select highlights of the titles released today:

    • Super Crate Box - It's time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with tight controls, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack. Super Crate Box won numerous awards and is available to PSM now.

    • Twist Pilot - Twist Pilot is a fiendishly addictive puzzle action game. Guide the constantly rotating Phil through 72 action-packed levels, making sure not to touch the sides while avoiding the mischievous Spiders and their troublesome tricks and traps.

    • Rebel - Being a prisoner of war is no fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, your enemy is stupid enough to let you escape. Armed to the teeth with no weapons whatsoever, how will you evade your captors?

    • Fuel Tiracas - Planet Tiracas needs an atmosphere, but its air-producing power stations require a fine balance of precious minerals to kick-start their nuclear reactors. That's where you come in!

    Here's the full launch line-up, with new games added every Wednesday:

    Super Crate Box

    Twist Pilot
    Crash Lab

    PomPom Software

    Fuel Tiracas

    Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender

    Albino Pixel

    Samurai Beatdown
    Beatnik Games

    Beats Slider

    Hungary Giraffe
    Laughing Jackal

    Tractor Trails

    Word Blocked

    Flick Hockey
    Spinning Head

    Beats Trellis
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.


    Zener Works

    Magic Arrows
    Hamster Corporation

    Everybody's Arcade
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    Loot the Land

    Frederic - Resurrection of Music
    Forever Entertainment


    Once you've bought the content, you can play it on up to three different devices.

    At launch, the service will be available in nine countries: Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia, with more to follow.

    Another great aspect of PlayStation Mobile is how it offers a more streamlined development environment for game creators. The PlayStation Mobile Developer Program includes the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK and will become available to the development community in November.

    This will be rolled-out in a phased manner starting with 11 countries and regions, including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We'll update you on the programme nearer launch.

    So, without further ado, head on over to PlayStation Mobile and start exploring. Enjoy!

    Update: The folks at have now posted a guide on How To Install Sony's New PlayStation Mobile For Android On Any Rooted (Non-Certified) Device, as follows:

    Sony's PlayStation Mobile for Android just went live for certified devices last night. But what if you don't have a certified device, which so far includes only a number of Sony phones and tablets as well as the HTC One series? Heck, I have a One series device - the EVO LTE - but turns out it's not certified. That's just silly.

    Not a problem - if you have root on your phone or tablet, getting the PSM (PlayStation Mobile) apk to work is a matter of pushing a few files it relies on to your /system directory and rebooting. Original credit goes to XxXPachaXxX - I used his work from a few months ago, took out some extra unnecessary Bravia engine stuff, and repacked it into a flashable zip for use with the PSM.

    On the Nexus 7, I was able to play the free game and successfully tested a paid game called Fuel Tiracas. They both worked wonderfully. I also bought Samurai Beatdown, but for some reason it didn't install right (I tried 3 times but the download just said installation unsuccessful, hmmm).

    Unfortunately, PSM crashes upon loading the store front on my EVO LTE. If you're not using a certified device, don't be surprised if it crashes on yours too - after all, it wasn't certified and, therefore, not tested.

    Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.

    Step 1.

    Download and install the latest PSM apk from Sony ( I mirrored the current version, 1.0 (, here:

    • AndroidPolice Mirror #1:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #2:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #3:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #4:

    If you try to run the PSM app now, you'll likely get this:

    Step 2.

    Download the flashable zip I packed from one of these mirrors:

    • AndroidPolice Mirror #1:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #2:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #3:
    • AndroidPolice Mirror #4:

    Step 3.

    Note: Just to be clear once again, you have to be rooted to install the helper files and If you're not rooted yet, first figure out how to do so to your device and then come back.

    Flash the zip from custom recovery, like ClockworkMod or TWRP. This relies on having busybox, which if you're rooted, you likely already do.

    Alternatively, if you don't want to flash from recovery or just like to know what you're doing, you can perform the steps manually while booted into Android:

    Unzip the zip file downloaded in step 2.
    Copy ertified.xml to /system/etc/permissions/ on your device.
    Copy ied.jar to /system/framework/ on your device.
    Set the permissions on to 644 (read/write, read, read) using your favorite file manager or command line.

    Step 4.

    At this point, PSM should work just fine and you should no longer see the error from Step 1. Go register for a Sony Entertainment Network account if you haven't yet and try playing some games.

    Please report your successes and failures in the comments.

    [imglink=|Sony Officially Welcomes PS Certified Devices to PlayStation Mobile][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Officially Welcomes PS Certified Devices to PlayStation Mobile][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Officially Welcomes PS Certified Devices to PlayStation Mobile][/imglink]
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    Brenza Guest
    tsk, why sony try the mobile? Android is the best and nobody will buy a sony mobile if it doesn't run android! We don't need another closed OS, iOS is more than enough!

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    I guess you missed the news. Sony's phones and tablets are usig Android.

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    Finally, and thanks for the update.

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