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    I was looking forward to the Trophies but it seems a little... lacking considering how long we had to wait. I will be happy for the non-act installation though.

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    Not a very comprehensive trophy list, no trophies for things like playing the entire game without an alert, or playing the entire game without killing anybody (which you get special bandanas for on subsequent replays). Seems the trophies were implemented on a half-assed level. Shame, but I will likely still play it again to get a few more trophies. Been wanting to replay MGS4 for a while now.

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    Hmm I think getting some of the trophies require you going through the game without alerts. It doesn't directly relate to a particular trophy but a requirement nonetheless.

    BTW, is that the complete list? I though it would have at least 40.

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    In order to get the corpse camo, you have to get the Big Boss emblem (Extreme with no alerts, under five hours, no kill). In all honesty, it makes that single silver harder to get than 99% of the other ones there. The only harder one is the platinum which is getting all of the trophies..

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    Update: There are some hidden trophies. They are as following:

    Hidden Trophies:
    • Bronze Liquid Sun Cleared Act 1 (Middle East).
    • Bronze Solid Sun Cleared Act 2 (South America)
    • Bronze Third Sun Cleared Act 3 (Eastern Europe)
    • Bonze Twin Suns Cleared Act 4 (Shadow Moses)
    • Bronze Old Sun Cleared Act 5 (Outer Haven)
    • Bronze Laughing Octopus Doll -- Defeated Laughing Octopus by non-lethal means, and obtained the Laughing Octopus Doll.
    • Bronze Frag Solider Doll -- Escaped the Haven Troopers in the Middle East by non-lethal means, and obtained the Frog Soldier Doll.
    • Bronze Raging Raven Doll -- Defeated Raging Raven by non-lethal means, and obtained the Raging Raven Doll.
    • Bronze Crying Wolf Doll -- Defeated Crying Wolf by non-lethal means, and obtained the Crying Wolf Doll.
    • Bronze Screaming Mantis Doll -- Defeated Screaming Mantis by non-lethal means, and obtained the Screaming Mantis Doll.
    • Bronze Handle with Caution -- Broke off the most important part of a statue.
    • Gold Infinite Ammo -- Obtained the Bandana.
    • Gold Stealth Camouflage -- Obtained the Stealth Camouflage.
    • Silver Crop Circle -- Found a crop circle and heard a mysterious voice.
    • Bronze Liquid! -- Piloted Metal Gear REX and screamed at your enemy.

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    never been a fan of trophies. there's only a few games i'd play to get trophies, just to see if i'm good enough, otherwise, i prefer personal achievements and playing people i know to see who can brag.


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