Today Deputy Editor Leon Hurley at OPM has shared a preview of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK Issue 53.

To quote: This month I am all about LittleBigPlanet 2. I was lucky enough to get to write the world exclusive review and I can tell you now, it's brilliant.

How brilliant is something you'll have to find out about in the mag. That said making this little target shooting game has been one of my gaming highlights of the year. Anyway, on to the issue!

The big news this month (aside from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception) is our 2010 Game Of The Year feature. Or GOTY to its friends. These are the ones you voted for. We count down the top ten in detail, talk about our choices and hand out some 'alternative' awards. Including Biggest Disappointment and - fanfare - Biggest Install! There's also a complete top 40 of all the games voted for.

Probably the best thing you'll read this month is news ed Rachel's rapping adventure. After a bit of brash boasting about her Def Jam Rapstar skills we called her bluff and bundled her off to learn real wordplay with British rapper XO Man.

He's seven-foot and, according to Flavour magazine, is the "UK's answer to Andre 3000?. Rachel's five foot four in heels and has a fluffy animal calendar on her desk. It's like the odd couple with beats.

As a counter to our best of 2011 feature we also have a 2011 preview special. All the big games of next year from Batman to LA Noire and everything in-between with interviews, new screens and hands on.

And then there's the rest. In The Mood For... Beards is a whiskery treat this month as we celebrate the hairier side of PlayStation. We also have previews of Rage and Dungeon Siege III. We look at Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi's new robot blasting shooter.

There are new shots of Red Faction: Armageddon; a look at the worst games on PS3 and a timeline covering Gran Turismo 5's long, but ultimately worth it, journey from 2005 to now.

We've also launched a new Facebook page to replace our old group. Check it out here, where we'll feed you all the latest info, pics and videos as we get them. Plus we'll answer questions and generally hang out. See you there.

That's all on sale now for 5.99 with a playable demo disk. Or you can save up 50% if you subscribe.

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