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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Noo !!! Not America what about the LAG !!!

    If they transfer to America then I will no longer be able to go online My latency is over 200ms to most american websites and they're so slow. I thought the PSN was bad enough in europe, where it was around 80ms and slow speeds of 3.4Mbps, my average speed to a US based server is < 1Mbps.

    I'll find out on April 1st, If sony will be getting a complaint and some trading standards

    This is a bad move for Sony Again !!!

    This is what will happen, If they go ahead with the change


    [Register or Login to view code]

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    It doesn't necessarily mean they'll move any actuall operations anywhere - it could be just an administrative move.

    What's pisses me most though is the AROGANCY and total lack of respect to customers. They dictate us whatever they want and we have no choice really - take it or leave it.

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    mario6900 Guest
    Wow i almost fell asleep reading that..(TOA) Sony got no stone unturned there.. by the way how many people actually read that book.. cause i'd say it's a long story and it's getting longer and longer.. well this made me dopey i got to take a nap..

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Do you smell how it's fishy? You won't be able to sign in to PSN without entering credit card info, this way, you can be easily traced by your name and home address. No more online games as for me (although I wasn't too much for online)

    EDIT: oh, seems like I was caught in rumors that I read, seems like you need to enter credit card info only if you create a sub-account for your child, sorry for 6 misleading, it's 1 am here and I'm exhausted

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Isn't this more to do with removing the term "computer" from their TOS.

    I seem to remember some of the legal arguments people had come up with were things like "I can do what i want, install what i want on a COMPUTER that i own" - so Sony are trying to prevent the PS3 (&other consoles?) from being referred to as computers because most lawers would have a field day with it!

    p.s. That only affects people who connect to the US network - i got an email about it sent to my US psn account - not heard a sausage about it on my european or Japanese accounts! - NOT that i have or use any of the above


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    Denida Guest
    Yes, it IS ONLY to NA accounts (for this time anyway) as I only got it sent to my American account too.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    Is this really going to change the experience or content you get now; no. This is not a huge deal and Sony has not changed from the greedy people they were before but that has never stopped me from playing ps3 before.

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