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Thread: Sony: Motion Control for PlayStation Home Will Happen in Future

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    Sony: Motion Control for PlayStation Home Will Happen in Future

    Sony's PlayStation Home platform group director Peter Edward has told SPOnG (linked above) that PS3 Motion Controller support for Home is likely, though not in development yet.

    To quote: Peter Edward, director of Sony's PlayStation Home platform group, has told SPOnG that motion controller support for Home is likely, though not set in stone just yet.

    Asked whether we'll see a use for the wand popping up in Home, Edward told us at the GameHorizon conference in Gateshead that "I'm sure that at some point in the future, it's something that will happen".

    Explaining what the circumstances would have to be, Edward said, "That's something that I guess there would have to be a case that instigates that development. If one of our internal teams or a third party or whoever, had an amazing way that that could be implemented within Home... and there was sufficient impetus behind it, then we would have to work together on that.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    In order for Home to live up to what it was touted to be it will need A LOT more work than just addition of motion control support.

    Apparently we will have music and video streaming available within a year and Home will be "completely different" than the Home we now recognize.

    I really hope that the PlayStation 3 receives lots of additions by the end of the year.

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    Tsusai Guest
    I can see eye goggle peripherals added and eventually this will be turned into The World, then crazy seizures will happen

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