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Thread: Sony to Make an 'Electrifying Announcement' on April 27, 2009

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    Sony to Make an 'Electrifying Announcement' on April 27, 2009

    Update: It looks like inFamous (coming May 27th) could come with an online BETA code of some sort for Uncharted 2's unannounced (and unconfirmed) multiplayer mode. We'll find out soon enough!

    After jumping onto Sony's website, I noticed that they have a small teaser hinting something big is on the way.

    They show pictures of inFAMOUS and Uncharted 2 in the short clip.

    Are there new demos for these highly anticipated titles on the way? Or something bigger?

    Only time will tell for sure, but feel free to speculate below in the comments.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Sony's Messed up !! 2 PS3 exclusives... I wonder what they're going to come up with to mix this 2 titles together. Im so hyped cant wait for monday... well theres school on monday, but i guess this would bring some light to my borring, sleepy mondays in school.

    keep talking bout monday... WTF i did it again... well kool for sony, no great news for xbox... wonder why.

    Keep it up Owning machine = PS3

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