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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Krazybone View Post
    Listen why didn't they just keep it on the old firmware if they brought it for a linux system? I can understand the frustration as they wanted games and online in one package but sort ya self out get just get another PlayStation 3?

    Seriously man if you have a washer dryer integrated and the dryer goes and the washer still works, you just buy a new one or make do with what you have maybe just get a dryer separate and keep the old??? Instead of a full replacement.

    You don't hear law cases about that stuff. Stop being a crybaby and buy ya self a new PS3 and keep the old for linux.

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    I don't usually go very opinion piece - but I'm going to have to here. Why should you have to buy another console just to keep a feature? Of course, sony wanted to get rid of otheros as quick as possible (read: security). Costs are a very thin, but worthwhile explanation why it was pulled from the slims - but not the fats.

    What's worse, since content and technologies evolve, the legal system can't catch up. Honestly, go up to any 40-60 year old, ask them about new technology, how stuff works. I can tell you that a large majority of them would be clueless. Now, use a much smaller subset of those in the legal / political systems - and your really screwed.

    Old laws don't jive with new tech, (not even going on about pending legislation), but simply put - removing the feature strips you of, the feature, and staying on 3.15 cripples the rest of the system. No PSN, no new games, no new movies etc.

    Buying a new PS3 is the easy choice - but it should not have to be. Now, if you happened to upgrade, the only way to go back is grey area, which is ridiculous!

    Going to end my rant now!

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    Krazybone Guest
    That ranting is fine you have a vaild point. I dont agree that you should have to buy a new to solve it and yes that is the easy way out.

    I'm not saying we should all jump for that. I brought the PS2 linux system and loved for a while I was in my college days, which was really good and I liked the fact the PS3 supported otherOS, I worked in a electronic store and the day PS3 came in our store days before release I installed yellowdog and we could switch between demo the linux or games n videos.

    It was great for everybody from kids to ages and even thoses geeks who never buy anything. (okay they do but they take forever!!)

    Anyway it was pretty cool but most people at work weren't interested, which sounds about right major PS3 use was games then video and other content, including other os near the far end.

    You find people who want niche market tech pay out a lot of money just to do things their way when everybody else wants something else.

    People wanted the cheapest blu ray at the time and guess what it was a PS3, SOLD he also wanted a new games console I told him he was about to get it in one package, he liked the idea, but like a lot of customers they either wanted it for gaming or video

    Keep in mind I am talking about the middle age with kids, they quite often brought two PS3s becasue they wanted one in the kids bed room the other in the main living room the reason they didnt want just one was because they didnt want the kids crowding the living room.

    The hard thing is to keep moving one PlayStation up to their kids room and when they wanted movies they move it to the living room. They opt for the easy way and get two... their case closed. In this our linux case the idea is similar, but not the same, the difference is the customer knew in advance one wasn't gonna be convenient, or impossible on their part.

    This case is that we didnt know they would remove the other os... But neither did we know they would discontinue the PS2 linux distro at some point... thats right when I asked for another one they said they stopped it and only had some parts left..

    In This case all I am saying is, if I wanted linux I'd get my old phat PS3 60gb out that still works and install it, I brought a new slim one as I feared YLOD. Or I'd get one off the net or kept it in the first place. That or when I heard about it being removed I'd had brought one that day as the systems would still have older firmware installed.

    And yes I would have taken what would seem the easy way. I would have liked Sony to have an alternative scheme to allow linux, but I can guess why they won't... I'm not saying I'm rich and everybody is and yea I'm not happy to buy a new one but sometimes if you want something you might just have to pay more than you expected.

    You could look at many things we shouldn't have to pay through our teeth for e.g. iPad prices skyrocket yet they were selling for even more on the net in short supply because of demand... Its just the way things are. You want something that is no longer widely available you end up either forgetting it or paying the odds..

    Fuel prices the same. Why should we pay more... Ya know they could change things for us we shouldn't have to be forced to pay but yet we do...

    Loads of people sat at home not ever wanting to install linux, then all of a sudden they cant and on that screen where is said remove other os... It was like OMG what am I gonna do,... Wait I never used it anyway but now that this is happening I want to use it... maybe some physiology or something of the human nature I dont know but it appears people want what they cant get...

    I'm sorry thats the end of my rant

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