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    skrapps Guest

    Sony Lawsuit: PS3 Other OS Removal Due to Cost, Not Security

    Although Sony previously admitted and then apologized for removing PS3 Other OS functionality due to security concerns, today IGN reports that according to the ongoing lawsuit Sony states the PlayStation 3 Other OS removal was due to cost not security.

    To quote: An amended class action complaint filed against Sony Computer Entertainment America this month is claiming the company removed the 'Other OS' feature from the PlayStation 3 to save money and not for security reasons.

    In April 2010, SCEA removed the Other OS feature due to "security concerns." The complaint says the statement is a "fabrication," saying SCEA gave those reasons as a pretext so it could argue the Warranty and Terms of Service allowed for the removal of the feature.

    In reality, SCEI and SCEA removed this feature because it was expensive to maintain (as they previously admitted when the feature was removed from the "slim" models but which they conveniently removed from SCEA's website); they were losing money on every PS3 unit sold (due to poor decisions in the planning and design of the Cell chip as noted above and given the PS3's extra features); SCEA needed to promote and sell games to make their money back on the loss-leading PS3 consoles (and there was no profit in users utilizing the computer functions of the PS3); and IBM wanted to sell its expensive servers utilizing the Cell processor (users could cluster PS3s for the same purposes much less expensively).

    The complaint also says it's "virtually impossible" to use the 'Other OS' for piracy.

    When the 'Other OS' feature is enabled, the software prevents the proper operation of the gaming feature to avoid allowing the features to interplay. In order for a hacker to pirate a game, it is necessary to perfectly emulate the operating system for which the game is designed, including the API, which is the interface for the game OS that supports all of the features of a game.

    However, when the Other OS is in use, the API and other hardware features are blocked, including the graphics chip in the PS3, which makes it impossible to run a pirated game on the Other OS. As of January 2011, Sony had yet to identify a single instance in which someone used the Other OS to pirate protected content.

    Last month, the court dismissed all but one claim from the original complaint filed in April 2010. The judge still allowed the plaintiff's "Computer Fraud and Abuse Act" claim because Sony could not show that its use of the firmware update to remove the 'Other OS' feature was authorized.

    "Sony's actions are like a car manufacturer telling a buyer that it is going to remove the engine because it does not want to service the part anymore and then telling the consumer, 'tough luck, we are not going to give you a refund,'" said Co-Lead counsel James Pizzirusso of Hausfeld in a statement.

    "This type of activity is exactly what our country's consumer protection laws were designed to protect against."

    SCEA has until this Monday, March 28 to issue a response. A copy of the amended complaint can be seen here.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    it would be great if sony had to pay billions to refund... Or giving back other OS would be just as great... In both the ways we win and they lose!!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Promoted to the main page now, and +Rep to skrapps for submitting the news!

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    BentleyGT Guest


    I love it when a plan comes together. Can't wait to see the outcome.

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    thePS3dB Guest
    Ok? So the truth comes out? How does it make it any better in the consumers eyes? They are still guilty of the same crime regardless the reasons behind it.

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    daveribz Guest
    Lose money? Wtf seriously. Sony is becoming a bigger pile of crap as days passes by.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Who needs to watch sitcom's or stand up shows when you can sit back and enjoy the sheer comedic stylings of SONY.

    Superb - hope the american courts rule correctly (in OUR favour and NOT sony's).

    I would laugh so hard if Sony were ordered to give OtherOS back! (Especially since the community dual boot/HV patched, full rsx access version sounds like it'll be much better anyway!)

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    elser1 Guest
    stuff the customer.. they're stuck with what we give them, need that extra $5 per unit.. LOL great customer service and attitude sony.. this type of action should be deemed criminal and the person behind it sent to jail.

    glad you just bought my house... i'll be back in 6 months to remove the copper pipes and wiring and all the support structures.. this makes me really mad... i guess at least the security excuse is though half-assed at best, a tiny bit understandable.. but they should have addressed all these issues in production, not after you pay for it.

    i imagine it must really feel great to own a jb console and pirate sony items.. LOL they only do it to save money as the games are too expensive... just shows sony are complete morons...

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    FireLion Guest
    Although Sony previously admitted and then apologized for removing PS3 Other OS functionality due to security concerns, today IGN reports that according to the ongoing lawsuit Sony states the PlayStation 3 Other OS removal was due to cost not security.
    See... Fck Sony. Everybody flamed the "linux fanboys" for seeing through that lame excuse in the first place. They tell gamers one thing, then the courts another. Really, we all knew nobody was going to do geohot's pulse hack. It wasn't practical to use for the type of mass piracy sony was so paranoid about. They remove OtherOS, then lie about why they did it...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    ever since they mentioned the slim was losing otherOS functionality it was obvious it was going to happen.

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