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Thread: Sony Launches Official PSN / SEN Web-based Online Store

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    Sony Launches Official PSN / SEN Web-based Online Store

    Today Sony has launched their official PSN / SEN Web-based online store, accessible from Internet browsers (although Linux users report they are blocked) in several territories with more expected to arrive soon.

    Those interested can check it out HERE, simply select your language region (such as THIS one) and wait for the page to load a selection of games, deals and offers including PlayStation Plus.

    To quote from SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton (via linked above):

    “We are testing a new web store, which we look forward to announcing and launching to the PlayStation/Sony community shortly.”

    Also from Jemal Alexandar, ex-marketing manager for Square Enix, who revealed how important this was for Sony:

    “Web based store for PSN is pretty huge, though. I remember being in many meetings with publishers who wanted to see it happen. 3 years ago.”

    Jem Alexander (@jemalexander) December 7, 2012

    The Web Store allows you to buy games and also queue them in the download list. As always, we'll update this article once an official press release surfaces from Sony but in the meantime there is a FAQ Available for those interested in downloading content from Sony Entertainment Network Store to their PS3, PS Vita or PSP devices.

    [imglink=|Sony Launches Official PSN / SEN Web-based Online Store][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Launches Official PSN / SEN Web-based Online Store][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Launches Official PSN / SEN Web-based Online Store][/imglink]
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    StanSmith Guest
    Well the change to the PS3 PSN store sucks so hopefully the online one will be better.

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    tigereye Guest
    i am agreed with StanSmith

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    Jman36x Guest
    Nope it blows too, just tried it

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    elser1 Guest
    yep the new ps3 psn store is aweful. i really liked it before. i tried to get a refund on my plus, that hadn't even started at the time of the new store, but of course sony told me to gtfo.. LOL

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    StanSmith Guest
    Yea, I tried the online store and it also sucks. 1, it doesn't like my browser, 2, its really slow, 3, its just like the PS3 PSN store and hard to navigate, 4, its just sucks now. Try finding something in it. Its even harder to find DLC. I wanted to see what DLC they have for rocksmith, do you think I found out? NOPE.

    There is NOWHERE to search for Rocksmith DLC. There used to be a tab for game addons, now there is nothing. Oh, now there is a tab for addons but its everything in the 1 tab, so if your looking for rocksmith addons you have to scroll through everything and hope its named "rocksmith whatever dlc" which its not, its usually the song name then rocksmith after it. And there is no scroll bar on the side so you dont have a clue how far down the pages go. You might be 1 line away from the bottom or 1000 lines, you now have no clue.

    This goes for both the new online store and the PS3 PSN store. Its so complicated I no longer go into the store. The only reason I go in there is to redeem the voucher that came with the game I just brought. Other than that its a waste and a really stupid change for the total worse.

    How about finding whats new this week. NOPE you also will never find that either. Remember before when it was a tab with all of whats new, now I dont know where that is as I've never found that list.

    Another change Sony did for the worse. Thank God for CFW.

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    tigereye Guest
    StanSmith good for you. you CFW proud user to bad for us who are still on OFW and that sucks.. what i notice on pc Base Online PSN store that when i try to login he does nothing i can do what ever i want it does not login ..hahah

    any way hope to see some day to install CFW on OFW 4.+

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    StanSmith Guest
    I've found out something from the new SEN PC store. I go to purchase history and Vita software now has a DOWNLOAD box next to it. It downloads a .XPD file. I thought they were for PSP software and they go into MediaGo so WHY are they available for Vita games where the Vita doesn't connect to MediaGo?

    It looks like we will be able to download on the PC then transfer to the Vita? Maybe they are going to update MediaGo to add Vita? Maybe an update to CMA is coming soon? Any more ideas?

    BTW, I cant download the file as I dont have MediaGo installed atm and not sure how else to open the XPD file.

    It looks like a normal XPD file with the PKG link etc. I've cleared out my personal details but this is whats inside the XPD file.
    Desc=Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™
    PPN=Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™

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