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Thread: Sony Launches the Access TV Show on PlayStation Store in UK

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    Sony Launches the Access TV Show on PlayStation Store in UK

    Today Sony Senior Product Manager Ian Vinten has announced the launch of the Access TV Show on PlayStation Store in UK.

    To quote: Today's sees the launch of the Access TV show on the PlayStation Store in the UK.

    Available to download every Wednesday from the UK PlayStation Store, Access is completely free for all UK PSN account holders to watch on their PlayStation 3 consoles.

    Hosted by comedian Lucy Porter, Access offers unrivaled access to the world of PlayStation - getting up close and personal with the best games, the biggest industry events and SCE UK's Access community.

    The focal point of the Access community is our Facebook page, which offers gamers exclusive game and entertainment related activities.

    Episode one of Access, available now, tackles blockbuster games including the smash-hit shooter Resistance 3, as well as taking an exclusive look at footballing behemoth FIFA 12. It also reports direct from the Access tour - events across the UK offering upfront plays on unreleased games, live music and much more.

    Each 10-minute episode is packed with up-to-the-minute HD previews, interviews, features and more, offering expert guidance to the huge array of multimedia services available on PlayStation 3 - from movie releases to the best games on the Store that week.

    Stay tuned for more episodes over the coming weeks!

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I don't think this kind of thing will be big in my country. Lets see if it takes off in the UK.

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    Yea heh, I couldn't even find a decent picture of it for the news article... it must not be too popular yet, eh?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Don't you get the feeling sometimes that $ony is trying too hard?

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    elser1 Guest
    i actually think this is kool..if its a gaming show.. if not then i guess it isn't.. LOL

    pitty its not available here in lovely ole australia

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    hellrazerman Guest
    i'll throw a thumbs up for the idea of givin psn users a little something.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    How come it's only available in the UK? Seems like a pretty cool show, especially because it previews games before I decide to buy them. I guess there is always IGN...

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