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Thread: Sony Launches 120GB PS3 Slim in Brazil for Over $1000 USD

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    Sony Launches 120GB PS3 Slim in Brazil for Over $1000 USD

    Approximately nine months have passed since the PlayStation 2 was launched in Brazil, and now Sony has made the PS3 Slim 120GB console available there for around $1,130 USD each.

    Believe it or not, that is actually $278 less than originally planned from Sony Style stores for the South American country, as Anderson Gracias explains via Kotaku (linked above), to quote:

    "According to Anderson Gracias, division manager of Sony PlayStation Brazil, the original price was to be 2,499 Brazil Reais, or $1,408. In order to stay competitive with the Xbox 360, which sells for R $999 to R $1,599 in the country, Sony is subsidizing part of the cost.

    Brazil will get the PlayStation Network in three phases, beginning in 2011 with a Portuguese translation. Then Brazilian content will be added, and finally the service will be tweaked to work with the services available in the country."

    [imglink=|Sony Launches 120GB PS3 Slim in Brazil for Over $1000 USD][/imglink]
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    Warrorar Guest
    could someone explain me why the consoles are so expensive in brazil?

    i saw some months ago the same with the ps2.. and didn't understood it.

    and can't they easily buy a ps3 in the USA or Europa and send them trought shipping? wouldnt that be cheaper for them?


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    CyanCaze Guest
    I dunno, maybe Sony has to make them in Brazil because of their trading laws.

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    mondoparalelo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrorar View Post
    could someone explain me why the consoles are so expensive in brazil?
    Mainly because of taxes. Adding it all up, import taxes alone reach about 100% the price of the product. You put profit on top of it and the cost might go up to 200% the original cost for a specific product.

    Soooooooo.... a PS3 sold for U$ 350,00 in the US arrives in Brazil costing U$ 700,00 at least! A damn shame, I know. The most bizarre part of it is that you can buy imported PS3 consoles in Brazil cheaper than the ones Sony will be selling officially, so it's really hard to know why they are even selling it for that price. My guess is they'll be focusing more on the games market, since there is no piracy going on as of yet.

    And yes, you could travel to the US, buy your damn console and bring it here paying no taxes, supposing you stay inside the taxation free limit. Shipping it might be risky if you don't voluntarilly declare its value for taxation purposes, specially for eletronics, since it might get caught and you'd be forced to pay twice the taxes plus fine.
    So yeah, its very expensive to buy technology in Brazil...

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    slammy Guest
    that's what I paid for mine 2007

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    kasugano Guest
    Brazil importing tax is about 60% of the damn product (product+shipping). Still we also pay a lot of more taxes for products here and most of sellers will overprice then too.

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    ahasverus Guest
    PS3 Slim: $199
    Shipping to BR: $60 on economic // $90 priority // $120 express

    Brazilian taxes: 60% + sometimes 18% of icms (applied to São Paulo state).

    Just considering economic shipping and no icms but taxes that for sure you will get on the product.

    $199 + $60 = $259 to Brazil reais times 1,9, you will have R$459,00 the price of R$2499 is just an absurd!

    You can easily pay R$459 for the ps3, it's not magic, just buy it outside.

    I wish $ony give us numbers of how many ps3 were sold officially on Brazil so we can now the exact number of stupid people living here.

    Forgot to add the 60% R$459 + 60% = R$734,00 still worth buying outside.

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    semitope Guest
    how well will this really do? I mean... the system is not hacked and games cost a butt load.

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    dc740 Guest
    same situation in Argentina... %50 overpriced by taxes (anything above $20usd gets a 50% tax), add shipping to that, and some overprice for the dealer... and there you go...

    We don't have a PSN, so we can't buy online which is waaay cheapier... and PSN card are overpriced too... $20 usd PSN cards are sold for $29 usd... thanks, but no thanks

    also... Sony sells the same games in "Sony Style" stores twice the price than any other local store!!! that's crazy!

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    mmanolos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dc740 View Post
    same situation in Argentina...
    I was going to post exactly the same.

    To add more madness, game prices NEVER go down here in Argentina. A brand new game for u$s 100 will remain at that price for years. Forget about bargain bin.

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