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    Sony Knows Nothing About the Slim PS3 Redesign Pictures

    According to ComputerAndVideoGames (linked above), Sony knows nothing about the rumored pics of a new slim PS3 that are said to have leaked from a production line in a Chinese factory.

    To quote: The shots show the matt black outer shell of a skinnier version of the console, complete with a slots for the Blu-ray disc drive, USB ports, and PS3 branding on the top and bottom (but not in the same Spider-Man-style font).

    There's even a shot of the box, with all the PSN logos and a label indicating a 120GB internal hard drive.

    Quite specifically Sony told us: "We don't know anything about the system in the photos."

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    I think its someone who has decided to mod their PS3, because it looks pretty cheaply made so I doubt its real.

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    i am going to bs those photos they look like, i mean based off current tech they just dont work.

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    I honestly don't belive they would dare produce something as ugly is that. If there offering a system that is to be a key element for entertainment centers across the globe they would clearly create a design suitable for high end entertainment center styling.

    I'm not saying the photo is fake, it could possibly be a concept created in R&D stages. But who really knows.

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    fake ???

    it is ugly but maybe it is and early design of what they would intend using ? and that a finished version of it would indeed be the high gloss shine we're all used to ?

    also it could be some internet sale only scam to con folk into thinking the can slim there own playstation 3 down to fit this case ?

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    that it fake - PS3 is strongly heated, I can not present at all as they will solve this problem and in slim versions.

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    They really got to be stupid if they think that would sell.

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    This is in no way Sony's creation. I don't think Sony would make something that looks like it would snap in half if you picked it up. If it is indeed real then they better get that thing glossy so it doesn't look too bad. I still don't think it's real though.

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