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Thread: Sony Introduces New Terms of Service and User Agreement

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    laggmaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by silencephaze View Post
    So now what we all wait and wait and go play xbox lol wow thats a great idea.. NOT!! Its retarded that we can't even play online!
    but you know the risk, if you don't update your software then you wont be allowed access to psn... come on we have known this for some time, thats the way the system was originally designed it will ask you if you want to update then if you refuse you get cut off from psn till you do update. we have known this and accepted this for a long time its just the way it is.

    now if you are angry about it do something about it do some research learn what you need to try and crack the ps3... and why are people today so online addicted? how did i ever survive my childhood playing nintendo, playstation and sega single player game and 2 player splitscreen? why are all these things dead in gaming today?

    Because online gaming has taken over peoples minds its like thats the only thing most people who play games cares about any more. I remember a time when you played games for fun or for an engaging story, not to earn trophies or achievements or or play online with people you didnt know. no it was for fun you got you and 4 of your greatest buddies together to see who was top dawg against the hardest AI, it was playing through a story and at the end feeling like you were satisfied like you accomplished something.

    i don't know maybe the days from when i was a kid are gone and we are forced to live in a crazy world of streaming background updates and random hardware sweeps... they are pushing us and we have to show them that we arnt going to take it we are not going to lay down and let them turn off features on our system that we bought just so that they can feel secure that a little bit of money off the top will be protected.

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    Zerotacg Guest
    I definitely smell a law suite, silent updating with possible loss of data... and we are supposed to back up our data... If I remember correctly you can't backup all data so you might still loose some.

    And according to law there's a limit on what you can legally expect users to do. Backup with lots of games on the disks takes for hours...

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    TheShroomster Guest

    Another email from sony

    seems sony is tweaking the TOS aggrement again. i just was emailed by them to review the new terms. i didn't notice anything new in it though: S_T#PSNToSUA

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