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    Sony gives PS3 Music Peripheral Compatibility Update

    SCEA's Michael Shorrock has confirmed that for the past few months they have been working very closely with the likes of Neversoft, Activision, Harmonix and Konami in order to ensure PS3 guitars and drum sets all feature a basic level of gameplay compatibility. So for example, Gutar Hero: World Tour's guitars and drums will work with Rock Band 2 and Rock Revolution software!

    To quote: For the past several months, we have been working closely with Neversoft and Activision, Harmonix and Konami to ensure that PlayStation 3 guitars and drum sets will all feature a basic level of gameplay compatibility.

    For the most part, this means that the titles with musical peripherals will work with the otherís software. A few specific examples include: Guitar Hero: World Tourís guitars and drums will work with Rock Band 2 and Konamiís Rock Revolution software.

    And yes, you guessed it, Rock Band 2ís guitar and drum set will work with Guitar Hero: World Tour and with Rock Revolution.

    Conversely, Rock Revolutionís drum set will work with both Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2.

    In addition, Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2 will both support the SingStar microphones.

    Weíre still working hard to ensure compatibility between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles currently on the market, and we hope to have an announcement on that shortly.

    Of course each of these great games have their own specific cool features that may not be compatible with the other controllers, but this is our first big step in bringing a level of compatibility to music games that is sure to benefit PlayStation 3 consumers.

    Keep an eye out here for more information in the future. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    snipersamurai Guest
    This is great news and will be a real space saver for anyone wo is planning on picking up 2 or more of these games. Hopefully the compatability issues between GH3/GH:Aerosmith and Rock Band will be sorted out as well. If the compatability for the older titles is sorted it might finally give EA/Harmonix an avenue to release Rock Band on the PS3 outside of North America without incurring the massive costs of shipping the instruments (which they can leave to Activison ).

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