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    PS3 Square Button Sony gives hints on pricing of Playstation 3

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    http://games.techwhack.com/268/22112...playstation-3/ Looks like its between $300-$400 after all.

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    And the price on ebay will be…

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    This is one I'll have to definitely get in line for HEHE

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News.COM
    This is one I'll have to definitely get in line for HEHE
    And i will be right behind you.. hehe and stay far away from ebay at that time.

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    Guessing we might see a 360 price drop @ that time?? Competing with a BluRay player... they better. Unless they have that much faith in Halo 3.

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    Stick Out Tongue ebay madness

    I dunno, after the xb360 madness on ebay, I think I will cash in this $10,000 cd I've been using for a safty net and buy as many ps3's I can to sell on ebay... prob be able to pay off my house with the profits.

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    Severly doubt it, Sony will have these things stockpiled. People wont be paying 5000$ for one unless sony decideds to launch it nation wide in a short time span. Other wize who ever gets it first (Japan or US) will sell it to the other.

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    M$ said the same thing about x360 didnt they? all of sony's console things have been nuts to get, i think its going to be a big craze. lol ill be in line or have it pre-ordered.. either way im buying one the day its out dang it.

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    [SIZE="2"]Sony denies Playstation 3 timetable and pricing[/SIZE]

    By Nick Farrell: Thursday 24 November 2005, 07:53

    SONY HAS denied comments, attributed to its CEO Howard Stringer, that its Playstation 3 will be priced between $300 and $400, and will hit the shops in the middle of next year in Japan.
    The comments were first published in a CNN article penned by FORTUNE senior editor Peter Lewis.

    Sony, whose PR department are a bit occupied with the recent spyware allegations, were quick to issue an immediate denial.

    CNN pulled the quote and added a few sentences onto the original article which says "Stringer has not commented publicly on how much the PS3 is expected to cost, or how soon it will appear in the US after the Japanese launch in spring 2006."

    The information on the dates was actually borrowed from another interview with Stringer by ye Hollywood Reporter a few weeks ago.

    While that article appeared to attribute pricing and availability information to Stringer but if you looked a little closer at the text it was actually quoting an anonymous source within Sony and not the great man himself.

    And so it goes,

    Article I knew something was fishy, sorry guys.

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    I dont think Sony needs to release the PS3 until fall of next year. With the upcoming strong lineup: Kingdom Hearts II, MGS3: Subsistence, Final fantasy VII Dirge of Cereberes, etc... Sony should spend the year studying the XBOX360 to make the PS3 launch one hell of a send off!!!!!!! For one, make sure the launch can satisfy the customer demand, not like what the PS2 did on its launch and what the XBOX 360 has done on its launch. All I know is that I'm preordering as soon as the launch date is announced!
    Last edited by sideshow; 11-26-2005 at 08:39 PM


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