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Thread: Sony Forms PS3 Anti-Piracy Program, Hiring IP Investigators

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    Denida Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
    they won't give out your info just for a criminal complaint. it has to be ordered by the court(s) and it takes more than just a complaint to get the court persuaded that a criminal action has taken place.
    That DOES depend on the ISP though...

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    jordan313 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    Your Modem has 2 mac addresses, 3 if its wireless and 3 IP addresses, trust me you can't hide. Even if you have a cloned modem, you still can't hide, it just takes a little longer to triangulate you, but they will find you if your doing something that warrants it.
    Public wifi! (or hacking wep! Or stupid neighbor's unprotected wifi!) with mac spoofing!

    You are pwned sir!

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Wow they needed to do this DAY ONE when GeoHot announced everything, then they needed to proceed and hire GeoHot, graf and many others to this newly created program. They did everything backwards.

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    tragedy Guest
    I've got to wonder why there's so much hate towards Sony. They're not evil, they're just trying to protect their already struggling revenue stream...

    Bottom line is, unless they resolve this issue, they won't be able to afford to make the next PSwhatever. They've made a loss on every PS3 sold until recently, maybe they still do, and they rely on hefty licensing on every disc sold for their revenue. They probably just about break even when somebody buys about 10 games (actually, I read it was an attach rate of about 7 to break even, but it's not the actual number that's significant, but the fact it happens at all).

    It's not just about piracy. If anybody can sign anything, that's their business model gone completely. Look at how Activision got started originally - it successfully argued in court that if they could figure out how to make games for the Atari, it was legal for them to sell them. If a similar verdict was reached today, Sony would simply never be able to turn a profit on their entertainment division.

    The encryption keys really are Sony's biggest asset in their entertainment division, and it's crazy to think that they're going to just sit idly by watching people destroy their empire.

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    squarepusher2 Guest
    Wow what a sucker you are. Enough said. You enjoy your dumbass bread and circuses more than your rights - that makes you a sucker. Kthnx.

    Since when did corporations succeed into making people think they're their best friends? What the hell does it care to you if they don't make another PlayStation? It's a bs system anyway - it barely has enough power to run stuff that a 800MHz PC runs decently.

    Even MS looks nice compared to the bullshit that Sony is perpetuating. That's how bad they are right now - and you suck up to them, being the sucker that you are.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jordan313 View Post
    Public wifi! (or hacking wep! Or stupid neighbor's unprotected wifi!) with mac spoofing!

    You are pwned sir!
    Sorry a bit confused what you mean. But to put it in a nut shell, what ever you connect to the net with has a digital signature, everything you connect to that, has a digital signature, and some time or another 90% of you would of connected something to something thats been activated, registered, or payed for with credit card, maybe yourself or family.

    So I agree with you "Public wifi! (or hacking wep! Or stupid neighbor's unprotected wifi!) with mac spoofing!" is very easy, the hard part is not leaving traces that you have been there because of your own digital signature.

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    nafeasonto Guest
    I am SO GLAD I don't have a PS3.

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