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Thread: Sony Forms PS3 Anti-Piracy Program, Hiring IP Investigators

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    Sony Forms PS3 Anti-Piracy Program, Hiring IP Investigators

    Last week Sony officially addressed PS3 piracy and PSN bans, and today IGN (linked above) reports that they are forming a PlayStation 3 Anti-Piracy Program and hiring online investigators to assist in protecting their Intellectual Property and overseeing anti-piracy civil lawsuits.

    To quote: "Two new job listings posted on SCEA's Web site reveal the company is getting serious about PlayStation 3 software piracy.

    Sony is looking for a new Senior Corporate Counsel and a Senior Paralegal for Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection. The main responsibilities include "assessing annual SCEA corporate anti-piracy needs and addressing the needs through developing and implementing an anti-piracy program."

    - Senior Corporate Counsel, Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection - Requisition ID 02289
    United States - California - San Francisco Bay Area - Foster City

    - Senior Paralegal, Anti-Piracy and Brand Protection - Requisition ID 02288
    United States - California - San Francisco Bay Area - Foster City

    "The program to be developed will require a strong strategic online component (taking input from and working with SCEA Marketing, SCEA Strategic Business Development Latin America and SCEA Product Development)," the listing reads.

    The jobs also require "collaborating with other anti-piracy organizations, including those of affiliated Sony Computer Entertainment companies, Sony Corporation and the videogame industry's trade association, the Entertainment Software Association."

    Other responsibilities ask for "overseeing anti-piracy civil lawsuits and providing support to law enforcement and intellectual property agencies on behalf of SCEA."

    Additionally, one of the requirements is having "knowledge of online investigative practices and online databases (e.g. how to find owner, administrator, ISP associated with a given domain name, etc.)"

    Sony recently took famed iPhone hacker George Hotz to court after he and another group of hackers unlocked the PlayStation 3's security and later published the data online.

    Since then, homebrew applications to run pirated software have hit the net, and one of Sony's major first-party titles, Killzone 3, was reportedly leaked two weeks before its release."

    [imglink=|Sony Forms PS3 Anti-Piracy Program, Hiring IP Investigators][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    croft72 Guest
    Hiring IP investigaters? Sony has already been investigating ever since their system got hacked last year. I suppose we'll have to see where this new strategy goes.

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    moja Guest
    What are they gonna do, ban you and then place your name on a class action lawsuit?

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    lav0s Guest
    i can just say, they just want certain people off their network, unfortunatedly they don't realize that right now due to them suing Geohot, right now that pair of jobs will be difficult to fill with someone really good, their move backfired them from the start.

    or maybe they will hire one man and then blame him for all the stuff that get's released after he takes the job

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    barrybarryk Guest
    or they know their current strategy isn't working and need another one, that's what I get from it. Developing & releasing 'hack-proof' hardware every few months can't be economical lol

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    jarvis Guest
    F Sony. Seriously. They are scum bags and treat every single customer as a thief and a criminal. We need to stop buying Sony products. As far as I'm concerned, we already got what we needed. A powerful system designed to be used on a TV with a wireless controller and ability to install your own software and emulators.

    I hope everything you release going forward gets torn to shreds.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    They are seriously overreacting to this. Every console now has some piracy, it still won't bring them down.

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    blazeking Guest
    They're going to get backups off of the net or make them harder to get. I mean, there is one website that's blatantly obvious to get games from...

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    anulu82 Guest
    good luck to them, and to the anti-hackable-bulletbroof-etc new version of PS3 too.


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    popshopadop Guest
    lol i'm thankful i won't show up on there list unless they think a backup manager is a form of piracy.

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