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    well, I should say PS2 had many, many great games. PS3 still hasn't impressed me with its lineup. Can't wait for GT5, though!

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    I'll just wait for a homebrew ps2 emulator for my non-bc ps3..

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    Sony file alot of patents, and the majority of them never come to fruition. They filed a patent about a year ago which hinted at utilising the Cell processors to emulate the ps2 EE, and nothing else has come of that.

    I think that sony are just fore-thinking, and holding onto an idea which will allow them to use hardware to make a gaming console backward compatible. (emphasis on "a" as there is no mention of ps3 or ps2 in the pdf)

    I'm surprised noone jumped to the conclusion of it being hardware for the ps4 to enable it to be b/c with ps3/2/1 games

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    A day late and a dollar short, Sony finally starts to try to give its users what they want.

    Sadly, it's too late for Sony, as its programmers are now mostly obsolete now that the PS3 has been exploited and homebrew is a reality.

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    We'll have to see if the homebrew port of PCSX2 (or whatever it's called) will run smoothly on the PS3 with RSX, if it does that would really be a slap in the face of sony and their claims that it isn't possible without extra hardware.. But I would also like to see a bette PS1 emulator for the PS3, because the current one that ships with the PS3 itself isn't great and doesn't run all games correctly (can't play X-files because it is corrupted, but the PCSX version does run it perfectly)...

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    Oh wow Sony, what a great idea! Except...YOU ALREADY HAD A USABLE PS2 SOLUTION! My freaking CECHA01 Fat model plays PSOne and PS2 games just fine. First they break the friggin' wheel...then the whole dang car....and now they wanna try to put a spare tire back on? Hey Sony: It's not gonna go very far when the other three wheels are STILL ON BLOCKS and the car has NO ENGINE.

    Seriously....Sony is becoming the Lindsey Lohan of the video game freaking trainwreck eff-up after another. They took our OtherOS away to prevent piracy....and we see how well that worked...yet they haven't made any effort to say "oops...okay we screwed up, here's your OtherOS back, didn't help as well as we thought it would". Then they strip the Slim of PS1/PS2 disc playing...memory card reader...two USB ports, yet still charge the same bloody price for the flipping thing..oh yes, let's pay more for less, great idea.

    Dear Sony: Please learn to start making game systems again, or go away for good. I'm sure the makers of the 3DO, WonderSwan and N-Gage could use the company.

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    Not affecting me, Sony. I still got my ps2 upstair, although not connected. I can hook it up anytime I want it. But do I really have time to play ps2 games versus all the ps3 greater games? Nah. Fail for Sony +1.

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    I honestly can't believe what I read sometimes. Might as well put the handcuffs and chains on us and send us to prison. Let 'em do it! We'll just "Jailbreak" out! This is really getting ridiculous! I was going to get a spare PS3 to use offline but why give Sony anymore money?

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    Maybe this patent is for PSP2 emulating PSP.. maybe even PS2 emulator for PSP2.

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    I remember when we had something similar to this... I think they called it a ps3... come to think about it, I bought one...hmm, why the hell would I buy something to make my ps3 enabled to do something it already does... oh yeah, they took that "feature" away because people dont like ps2 games... seriously though, 60g-full 20g-full 80g-emulated-wtf?! NEXT innovation please...

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