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Thread: Sony failing to deliver promised free PS3 consoles?!

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    Sony failing to deliver promised free PS3 consoles?!

    A reader on a tech site is reporting that Sony are failing to deliver the free PS3's they were offering as a sweetener with Bravia TVs.

    The customer says its been nearly 5 months and they have still not received the PS3 and Sony are offering no solution to the problem.

    It is unclear if this is an isolated incident or more widespread.

    To quote: Dear Blorge,

    I would like to bring to your attention a matter that has happened to my grandfather of all people regarding Sonys Bravia tv offer. With every 1080p television sold they would give a free Playstation 3 away.

    My grandad was already looking at a Sony 40" Bravia tv. The X series. by the way the TV is brilliant. The problem was with the playstation. He ordered the TV half way through December, and it took, after a month of delays might i add, a month to get here. We were told by sony we would have to wait for the TV to get here before we could order the playstation and it would then take 28 days.

    With much help by our local Retravision my grandad has been persistent on the issue ringing Sony asking how long it would take to get here. It is now the end of april and it still has not arrived. We have contacted Sony several times asking the question but with no definite answer or real apology. I am very angry as is my Grandad and i would like to know if you have had many other complaints like this.

    As Sony are not doing themselves any favors with this route. As our local Big W seems to be able to get as many as they need.

    Thank you very much.


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    NutJobalicious Guest
    That stinks! They should have upheld thier end of the deal. Hopefully this news title doesn't change from failing to failed and these people get their PS3s.

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    Silo45 Guest
    Sux.. I still havent recived my 5 free BR movie that were promised when i bought a PS3.

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    IanJ Guest
    I received my one pretty quick and I know a couple of other that did too sending back the barcodes on the Aus Bravia offer.

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    Jhegs Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Silo45 View Post
    Sux.. I still havent recived my 5 free BR movie that were promised when i bought a PS3.
    I just received my 5 free BR movies late last week. I sent everything in like 3 months ago. Have you tried calling and finding out the status? Also I remember that it said you can only choose one movie from each line. I.e:

    1 Movie A, Movie B, Movie C
    2 Movie D, Movie E, Movie F
    3 etc
    4 etc
    5 etc

    If you choose Movie A and Movie B then say Movie E,G, J then they may not end up sending you anything.

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    farah9 Guest
    A few people I know are still waiting for their ps3 over here in AUS as well.

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    KillBucket Guest
    I never got that offer, but my cousin has been waiting for over 4 months to get his free Blu-ray's!

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    sandytf Guest
    I think most of the large companies have problems like this, not just Sony. Every time I need to send in a mail-in rebate form, I wait the 6-8 weeks just to be told I was not eligible. The worst was dealing with Fox. I have three tv dvd box sets that were damaged and I needed to go through Fox to get them replaced.

    I had to mail them my expensive dvds and just wait for weeks without even a letter telling me they had received the discs. I am not standing up for Sony, just commenting that they are not the only one with problems.

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