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Thread: Sony Europe Looking for PS3 BETA Testers

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    Sony Europe Looking for PS3 BETA Testers

    Eighteen or older? Live in Europe? Have time to spare? If you answered YES to all three questions, then you might be interested that Sony is currently recruiting BETA testers for upcoming PlayStation 3 titles over on its official European Web site.

    To apply, all you'll need to submit is the ID of your master PlayStation Network account.

    Note that placement is limited and according to Sony, not all applicants will be chosen, as is usual for offers of this type.

    Check out the link above to register today!

    [imglink=|Sony Europe Looking for PS3 BETA Testers][/imglink]

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    Herogen Guest
    has anyone received an invitation yet?

    i have registered with my email, but i didn't got any confirmation.

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    Azzie50 Guest
    Same here. I think its going to be a lotto draw when it comes to being picked, a lot of people have probably signed up.

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    nightwish Guest
    hmm Betatester = updating your system to a newer FW... I'm not really sure if I want this ...


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