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Thread: Sony Encourages Buying PSN Content Over XBox Live Subscription

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    Starlight Guest

    Sony Encourages Buying PSN Content Over XBox Live Subscription

    Sony continues to play the value card in its fight against the Xbox 360. This time, instead of focusing on hardware, the company shows you what games you could buy if you weren't paying for Xbox Live.

    During CES, Sony gave press the argument that the PS3 was actually a great deal... considering all the features that came with the system. That only works if you want those features, and a $400 system is a hard sell even if it comes with an Eva(n?) Longoria love-doll.

    Sony has now made a second argument that makes much more sense: look at what you can buy for the cost of Xbox Live.

    Microsoft's online service costs $50 a year, if you don't find a card on sale, and Sony wants to show you what you could be buying with that money if you were online with your PS3. You have to give it to them: $50 on the PlayStation Network gets you some pretty great stuff.

    "Rather than paying a $50 subscription fee that competitors charge for on-line services, PlayStation Network users could put that money towards a variety of content," the company claims. What could you get?

    - PAIN ($9.99)
    - Elefunk ($4.99)
    - Guitar Hero Classic Rock Track ($6.25)
    - LittleBigPlanet? Metal Gear SolidŽ - Level Kit ($5.99)
    - Episode of Afro Samurai | Season 1 ($1.99)
    - The Dark Knight Movie ($14.99)
    - Samurai Sword Rack, Diesel Tiamallo Blue Hooded Top, Ligne Roset
    - Alster Chair for PlayStation Home ($4.47)


    - Super Street FighterŽ II Turbo HD Remix ($14.99)
    - Burnout? Paradise (Full Retail Game) ($19.99)
    - The Hoff Character for PAIN ($1.99)
    - LittleBigPlanet? Ryu of Street FighterŽ II ($1.99)
    - Robot Trooper and Basketball Boots for PlayStation Home ($.98)
    - Savage Moon ($9.99)

    I'd get rid of the PlayStation Home stuff and slam Everyday Shooter on one of those lists, and I could probably make some other changes, but it's still a compelling argument.

    Sony doesn't offer as much as Xbox Live does, and maybe it never will, but the fact is the service is free. You don't have to pay to play PS3 games online, and you could put that $50 to better use actually buying games.

    Even with an expensive system, this is a good talking point. Why not buy games instead of a service? Share your comments below!

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    idone Guest
    Very good read and valid points...

    I especially liked this "$400 system is a hard sell even if it comes with an Eva(n?) Longoria love-doll"

    put a smile on my face in the early morning

    And so true that you could have so much more for less if you buy the similar hardware add-on's to make the 360 have the same features as a ps3 comes with standard...


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    sorceror Guest
    They gotta do something. Next step: show what you could buy with the $100 you'd spend on a wifi adaptor.

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    nemesis51 Guest

    Service is Free

    I can't complain... service is free and its always up and running. I'd rather pay for DLC than have to pay for both...

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    slammy Guest
    hehe, or show what you could buy with that $400 you had to spend on the extra blu-ray player as the new movie didn't come out on HD-DVD.

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    Foolishness Guest

    To much to spend on extras

    If sony was smart they would show how if you want all of the stuff that comes standard on the PS3 and you have to pay for on the 360 they might be doing better. Like the wifi adapter, hard drives, hd-dvd drive, online, etc. that would have been my marketing strategy.

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    SooksVI Guest
    Sony already did the hardware and price comparison for the 360 and PS3 a while back..

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