It appears Sony has now enabled remote content downloads from their PSN / SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) Web store, allowing users to queue downloads to their PS3 or PS Vita console the next time they are powered on.

To add an item to your queue, simply purchase and download it via the Web store. The next time you turn on your system, the download will automatically start. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member and have items in your queue, the download will begin at your specified automatic update time.

To quote: An update for the SEN Web Store has been released which introduced a remote download feature. After making a purchase on the Web Store, you will now be able to place your content into a download queue for remote download to your PS3 or PS Vita device.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of the automatic update function available through the Plus service to remotely download content purchased from the Web Store to your selected device during the regular automatic update.

If you do not have a Plus subscription, any content queued for remote download will automatically begin downloading and installing when the device is manually turned on.

To remote download: You can remotely download game content directly onto your PS3 from the SEN Online Store.

1. At the 'Thank You' page or on your Download List select 'Download to your PS3' next to the title you want to download.

2. Provided your device is in stand-by mode and you are a member of PlayStation Plus, your PS3 will begin downloading at the specified time in the PS3 automatic update setting. If you are not a member of PlayStation Plus the content will begin downloading automatically when you next switch on your PS3.

3. Once it's downloaded go to Game icon (Games) to access your new game.

Finally, those interested can check out a complete FAQ for this feature on Sony's official European site.

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