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Thread: Sony: E3 is Not the Right Place to Announce a PS3 Price Cut

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    Sony: E3 is Not the Right Place to Announce a PS3 Price Cut

    With E3 2009 being over, some are left wondering why Sony didn't announce a PS3 price cut as speculated through this year's conference.

    Sony answered during a recent interview with Kotaku, as follows:

    Despite expectations that Sony would lower the price of the PS3 at E3, the company announced no price drop at the big show. We asked why.

    "From our perspective, this show is all about content," Sony's head of PlayStation marketing in the U.S., Peter Dille, told Kotaku in an interview yesterday. "We believe that our content story is unrivaled.

    It's really a relentless line-up of great exclusive games that will speak volumes to the value inherent in the PS3. Obviously people come to E3 expecting all sorts of announces.

    We've got a plan in place for the platform. A price drop at the show wasn't part of it."

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    i do not understand why people want a price cut!

    ps3 has everything build in.. blu-ray player cost 300 to 400 euro.

    and ps3 offers more than this!

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