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    Sony is Dropping the 40GB PS3 Model Price $40 This Weekend

    A leaked Blockbuster memo has revealed that Sony is permanently dropping the price of the discontinued 40GB PS3 as of Sunday.

    The price of the 40GB will now be $360, while a bundle including a HDMI cable, Spiderman Movie, and Tansformers game will be available for $400.

    To quote: According to a Blockbusters' memo leaked to us today Sony is permanently dropping the price of the discontinued 40GB model of the Playstation 3 starting Sunday.

    The price drop, which was verified by calls to a number of Blockbuster stores, will drop the 40GB model to $360 and an PS3 40GB bundle with an HDMI cable, Spiderman the movie and Transformers the game to $400.

    Stores that have trade-ins of the PS3 40GB will be selling it for $360 as well. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    blood911 Guest

    price cut

    they're getting rid of the 40gb ps3's to make way for the new 80gb SKU which is exactly the same only a bigger hdd. you can say that kind of sucks because BC is removed, but at the end of the day Sony has to cut down the cost of the PS3.

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    NETSHARK Guest
    Sorry i am new to the PS3 World but i`ll pick one soon, anyway beside the Backward Compatibility what is the Difference ? i saw some PS3 models with Memory Card Slot such as Memory Stick Pro Duo and SD Card is this models discontinued too ?

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