Today SCEE's PSP European Product Manager Adam Grant has announced that Sony is discounting even more PS3 and PSP Minis with reduced pricing, as follows:

Hope you enjoyed the first minis sale because starting today we are discounting some of the best selling titles from the minis category from € 1.49 / 1.24. Check out below to see what is on offer:

Sudoku from Electronic Arts

€ 4.99 now € 3.99
3.99 now 3.49

Engage your brain! The worldwide brain teasing phenomenon polished to perfection in this classic minis title.

Bowling 3D from Electronic Arts

€ 4.99 now € 3.99
3.99 now 3.49

The classic 10-Pin sport now available in minis form!

Tetris from Electronic Arts

€ 4.99 now € 3.99
3.99 now 3.49

Tetris. Anything more needed to be said? One of the most popular games ever arrives on PSP for the first time.

Yetisports from Xendex Holding

€ 2.99 now € 1.99
2.49 now 1.74

This classic game arrives on the PSP for the first time. Give Pengu a whack and watch him fly.

Red Bull X-Fighters from Xendex Holding

€ 4.99 now € 3.99
3.99 now 3.49

Pull some amazing stunts in this spectacular and gravity-defying FMX action game. Can you finish as the World Tour Champion?

Let's Golf from Gameloft

€ 4.99 now € 2.99
3.99 now 2.49

Play like a true pro in this lively, entertaining golf game! Choose from four customisable characters, each with their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and battle it out on the golf course.

Spot the Differences from Sanuk Games

€ 2.99 now € 1.49
2.49 now 1.24

Spot the Differences! Spot the Differences! 240 scenes, 4 levels of difficulty, 3 game modes and 4800 differences to spot!

Stand O'Food from G5 Entertainment

€ 4.99 now € 3.99
3.99 now 3.49

Manage your time and a restaurant in this non-stop cooking challenge and feed crowds of hungry customers as they pile into your restaurant for lunch.

Again, just to let you know that these prices are for a limited time only and the offer will end on the 4th March. But don't worry; we have another sale starting then, for another 2 weeks!

Remember these minis titles are playable on both PSP and PS3. Pay only once for the title and you can play then play it on either your PS3 or PSP or both!

Respect to the snow-globe: you're a mini-winter holiday for one to a small, plastic city. Good things come in small packages - enjoy minis month.

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