We are now in the seventh generation of gaming consoles. What does this mean? What is next-gen gaming? The Wii, X-Box 360 and the PS3 are all considered next generation systems. In my opinion, the only console I truly consider next-gen is the PS3.

The Wii and the 360 arenít that much better than their predecessors. The 360 is just an HD version of the X-Box with better components. It has a better graphics card, processor, and an improved online service. You can buy its hardware off the shelves.

If you update your computerís hardware, is your computer going to the next generation? You would also think something that is in next generation would be considered a better working technology then the last. X-Box didnít have a 34% failure rate like the 360 does.

The Wii has more functionality then the Gamecube with its internet connectivity. It adds more motion control to the game play too, and thatís about it. Graphically its better but it isnít considered HD, which is the "next generation" of entertainment. The Wii however does change how you play your games. Not quite there, but still closer then the 360. You can say that both systems are in the next generation in their line of consoles, but not in the video game industry.

The PS3 introduces breakthrough technologies to gaming. It has a new data format (Blu Ray), wireless technology (Blu Tooth), and a new processor (Cell). It is truly a media center which in my opinion is the next step that consoles was destined to take. The PS3 doesnít just move past the last system, it leaps forward.

Sony determines the next generation because their systems have brought something new to the table and raised the bar for its competitors. The Blu Ray and the Cell processor makes it possible for developers to make games that are huge in scoop. The only hurdle is that the developers in general have to learn how to develop for it. Insomniac and Naughty Dog are two examples of studios that are learning what the PS3 can do, and are exploiting it. Imagine the games they will make in a few years.

Entering the next generation means that you advanced your craft and others have to follow suit. If you think about it, all of Sonyís innovations will sooner or later become the norm. The PS3 will have games that can't be developed on a Wii or a 360. MGS4 is a perfect example with the upcoming online game MAG.

Donít fool ourselves; it is all about the games. That makes the PS3 a next generation console and sooner or later the other consoles will be too. More PlayStation 3 News...