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Thread: Sony Details Update on PSN Service Outages, Possible Attacks

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Funny, we all see a lot of Sony bashing going on in here. Like Sony forced you to come here? They forced you to buy their products? They forced you to do anything at all? Then, like the two other companies are all saints? Were you same people that bashed MS for the 3 years of the XBox 50% fail rate issues? Gamer's nowadays are just never happy.

    They created the word " fanboy", they are never happy with graphic's, value or free services. They are always biting the hand the feeds them. No longer is it about just enjoying the love of playing video games for them. If they can't steal it, hack it or cheat on it, they are mad. Which puts all the real honest gamers right in the middle of all these attacks.

    The 3 major manufacture's try to bring us the best gaming experience possible. Yet, so many shady people just try and exploit everything they see. Just think if one day, all 3 said screw it, we give up. Then what? The shady people would be mad again...

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    Kraken Guest
    We have learned lessons along the way about the valued relationship with our consumers, and to that end, we will be launching a customer appreciation program for registered consumers as a way of expressing our gratitude for their loyalty during this network downtime, as we work even harder to restore and regain their trust in us and our services.
    Free PSN plus is not an apology, it is a marketing tactic. They were probably planning on offering a free trial just to get money from people who forget to unsubscribe (or actually liked it?) anyways. Many services that offer more than just a few pathetic discounts have a 30 day trial all the time (Netflix for example).

    The only lesson that $ony has learned about the relationship with their customers this generation is that they can treat them with complete disdain in every possible way, and they will continue to be loyal fanboys.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Then leave? Go play the other two consoles and think they are not in the business to make money either. Let me guess, you like so many other's want everything for free in life. Have you no concept of what business is? Ever own or run a company?

    You certainly speak like you have zero knowledge and yet full of opinionated guesses. It's like Sony sucks, MS has no exclusives, the Wii is a kids toy. Again, no one is happy and at the same time, many have no clue.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I've forgot:

    - An automatic system updates downloads and install
    - automatic downloads (games and updates)

    Neither of above to be really benefitial - definitelly for the one month trial anyway.

    Also - appologies for a few typos in the original text - despite proofreading it several times I've still missed a few...

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    Kraken Guest
    You think I don't play the other two consoles nearly exclusively? I almost never buy games for PS3 (1 in 3 years). I don't have and don't want a PSN account, and my details weren't stolen because Sony never had them. Everything else is better and plays better on another platform.

    $ony tricked us at PS3 launch using many false advertising tactics. They marketed the PS3 as being able "to do everything", and having loved my PS2 I bought into the hype. Their CEO famously said that it was a full fledged computer and you should work two jobs to afford it. I actually did that. The 6 years that followed have been annoying as the PS3 steadily lost functionality and failed to do what was promised.

    It has corrupted my saves countless times, failed to load saves from other PS3s, and has many many usability issues. The PS3 represents a shift from the "buy hardware, buy games, enjoy" model of previous generations to "buy things on our terms and use them only on our terms, and if they don't work our way, they don't work." This is a dangerous trend, and you better believe that the other electronics companies are watching our response.

    As for my business sense, I do have a business degree. Companies generally operate (or so the thought goes) by serving their customers well. They take good care of their customers, and in return their customers continue to support the growth of the company. All you need to do is call Sony's support about anything, to see just how much they hate you.

    For someone accusing someone of having "zero knowledge" you sure like to defend a company that just lost the personal data of 77 million people and can't even offer a decent apology.

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
    Just think if one day, all 3 said screw it, we give up. Then what? The shady people would be mad again.....
    Then we'd all go back to gaming on the PC.
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    4. The offer will be limited to one month only and will start automatically the first day PSN will come back and most probably expire before even Store will be up and running again so you'll be not able to get any free or discounted content whatsoever.
    Excellent points. I honestly believe your 4th point to be true. Everything that Sony said suggests to me that the PSN+ trial will start immediately after the return of PSN. Given Sony's past, I find it incredibly unlikely that they'd give us a choice of when it starts. At best, it starts the moment you first login.

    As for the PS Store, if you read the PS Japan Web site, it does explicitly say that the Store won't be available until later on in May. So... not outside the range of possibility.

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    mushy409 Guest


    Well said! Just to highlight a few things you mentioned...

    1) PS2 compatibility - many people were swindled with this as only the 60GB model supports ps2 games (did the 20Gb do as well?)

    2) Linux - Sony gave with one hand & gained a few million users JUST for this functionality alone. Then with the other hand they completely removed OtherOS support and pretty much screwed those customers (and military)

    3) Remember the price of this console when it first hit the shelves? I remember walking past Curry's and laughing out loud at the crowd gathered there willing to blow 600-700 on a games console which eventually would end up having the functions slowly strangled out of the firmware due to Sony's greed

    4) Like every manufacturer - Sony loves to control the masses and continue to try and shape the way we buy/play games into something like their 'perfect customer'. Hyping crowds, advertising, practically brainwashing the youth of now into the 'buying trend'

    5) I LOVED the PS1 & PS2. The PS3 has put me off Sony products just for the fact that I can't play on the damn thing without sony supervising me on do's and do nots, mandatory service updates (update or get boned for new games) and T&C's saying that anything happens, tough shit cos we ain't liable even though you pay us for the service/product. Oh, and by the way we want $150 to fix OUR bad design. Because we are Sony, we pass the screwups, stress & cost onto YOU the customer.

    I think the last few weeks/months can be summarised by the following:

    Sony only see 1 thing when it comes to customers - a number & potential cash flow from them. Take 1000's off people, remove console features slowly & slap down anyone who opposes or questions them. Then after bleeding the crowd dry, offer them 10% off some crap when they spend more cash on their products just to say they've 'rewarded their customers'

    As for the hacking/CFW explosion - Sony didn't want anyone to know detailed info about the console's workings etc. Either that or they were afraid of the innevitable - hackers finding out what a pile of shit the console really is. Nothing more than a polished SCEA turd with badly managed customer relations, and even worse software/hardware engineers who can cobble together a console with their name plastered on every IC & part they could to put people off.

    Thing is though... the truth comes out eventually... One final thing, ever heard the term "Grabbed by the balls"? That is EXACTLY what sony does with customers.

    As a gamer for many years now, I have owned pretty much every console sold up to date. I own a PS3 & an Xbox 360. Neither of them are any better than eachother as I STILL end up going back to my PC knowing that the game I'm playing doesn't come with a sweatty, gripping hand clamped around my testicles squeezing me into doing things I don't want.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    For someone accusing someone of having "zero knowledge" you sure like to defend a company that just lost the personal data of 77 million people and can't even offer a decent apology.
    yes we were all tricked!! Damn MS tricked us with a reliable console... damn they tricked us for 3 years in a row!

    Then Nintendo tricked us with Wii supply shipments! Damn them for making me wait in a Best Buy line back in 2007 at 2am. Just so my daughter's could get one that Christmas (very true story). Congrats on your business degree.

    I own a IT recruiting and consulting firm here in the NW. So I can see both side's ot the issue. But when a company is getting attacked left and right. It's extremely hard to see it from the hacker's prospective. Not like I ever agreed with hacking in the first place. But, when you read the news here about how Sony is losing money on every PS3 sold for the first 3 years.

    Then what? We both know that if the PS3 and the XBox were manufactured by say Sega. Neither console would be here today at all. Because of the major issues both have faced. So again, I like to see the positve in things and neither company is telling me how to spend my money, I do.

    As for personal data, I defend no one for that. Not even MS when it happen to them. But then again, go google the word hacking. So what other large companies have been hacked over the last decade. You even see the US Pentagon which is our nations national defense. So lets not act like this is something mind blowing new here.

    Then, lets not also forget how media once again blew figures way out of proportion... first it was 77 million credit cards were stolen. Now seems to be 10 million in the system with only 2 million "possibly" effected. So, now that it's been 3 weeks since the hackers were in. Where is all the news about hundreds of thousands of CC being used?

    Awh, were all still waiting I see... Again, I don't defend them. But their system was hacked and now they will improve upon that. Just like every other company out there. So easy to look at Sony and not the attackers huh? Like this is the first time Sony has ever been attacked over the last decade and defended itself.

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    chris22477 Guest
    Well the playstation network ban is not all to cause on Anonymous,Sony wants new security features on the PS3.However all gamers wants to do is play online.For the issue of jailbreaking the PS3,it sucks for us to pay for every game and most of the apps, we can't always afford or want to pay for everything we want,but then agian not getting paid for credit that is due is just the same.

    Futhermore playstation isn't perfect, is not a full browser, you can not do everything on it or just to our expectations, but we have to deal with it.Yes jailbreaking is cool to everyone because everything is free and we can then play any game we want.

    For example the first PS3 can play PS and PS2 games,it sucks that people can't play their old games,it also sucks to repay for the same game we already have, then we have to pay more then we already paid for it. Then the popularity for games not all PS and PS2 games are on the playstation store. The cost of games nowadays exceeds more than 1/2 the cost back then.

    Jailbreaking wasn't even thought of until products couldn't meet peoples expectations,PS3 is a perfect example, all consoles after the first one can‘not play PS and PS2 games,also PS3 browser is not a OS operationing browser so you can‘t do everything you want. Yeah some people jailbreak PS3's but everytime an update comes up they either not be active online or rejailbreak it.

    So it's not always a continuous thing.On the other hand hacking (especally online) is bad and should not be encouraged because it ruins the fun for other players, we should all have a fair competition,cheating shouldn't have be tolerated by other players. Besides when you jailbreak you restrict and limit yourself from the PS3 functions.

    If you don't jailbreak it the console restrict and limits us from doing what we wanna do. I can say the gamers and or users of the playstation network just want you to expand the possibilities and functions for the PS3.The internet can use use a update for plugins and capabilities to see more Web pages.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Sorry - but I simply CAN'T make a sense of any of that ^^^ ...

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