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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    PSN is already in the air... partially! I can download updates and when i scan for another FW it tells me 3.60 is the latest.
    It was always working. Updates are on separate servers from main PSN ones.

    I was downloading some game updates last Sunday and during this week too.

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    XianPEZ13 Guest
    Oh $ony's trying to make cyber police look out! $ony just wants to sue more people. I agree staged or not that who ever took all the credit card info be prosecuted. They left all your Halloween candy on the doorstep with a please take one sign and mysteriously it got robed. $ony hates that any information is free (they also hate that you can play Super Mario on your PS3).

    Now thanks to this forced update you have no choice but to surrender your console/your money to them to use their services (possibly even if it's off but plugged in). I don't want emails...sigh...you aren't my buddy $ony, stay out of my inbox. I pity any of you that are dumb enough to trust these mfers with your information again, and hope this teaches all of you a lesson about who you trust with your private info.

    Don't be bought by their gifts unless you want to remain ignorant. I quit video games. I think I'm gonna go live in the Amazon. Farm for a living. Barter. Not use money. $€ Money isn't real.$€

    Have some spiritual revelations or something. Just live a peaceful simple life. I don't envy any of you. Enjoy your slave-to-the-corporation lifestyle and hell on Earth.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    All i have to say is "Word" and "LOL"

    Screw Sony.
    Screw Money.
    Screw Greedy Corps.
    Screw Almost Everything.

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    aideng2011 Guest
    The top psn downloads image LOL

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    elser1 Guest
    so generous.. that's like the mugger saying oh you can keep your wallet i'm just gonna steal your clothes and hospitalise you..

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    leukotic Guest
    I just wonder if Sony learned any lessons from this. Cause while this attack hurts the innocent PSN users, this is probably the best possible revenge anybody could have ever done to Sony, as this will forever taint them just like their rootkit scandal. And in the end it may end up costing them billions upon billions from this entire ordeal and potentially hundreds of thousands of lost customers and lost trust.

    Whether the crackers intention was to hurt Sony or just get some personal information to exploit, they did some MASSIVE damage.

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    costocart Guest
    are there any benefits to psn+ other than game demo and game trial?

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    dust906 Guest

    so sony stole their own code

    i'm pretty sure they just stole the credit cards themselves so their oriental black market can mess around for years on people's credit cards... yea i said it but , your thug like ethics should burn to the ground.

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    D593 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by costocart View Post
    are there any benefits to psn+ other than game demo and game trial?
    They also discount some games, along with dynamic themes that are only available to playstation plus users. they also give you a discount on the online warranty that you can buy for your PS3 on the PS store.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by costocart View Post
    are there any benefits to psn+ other than game demo and game trial?
    Not realy much - practically hardly anything worth AFTER free month at least when the subs is ower, this would more benefit the current subscribers as they'll "save" on one months sub but taking in consideration the amount of the time the PSN is (and part of it still will be) down is not much either:

    - cloud saves are nice (but will be gone once sub is over)
    - you can "borow" a couple predefined PSN and mini games (again over with sub)
    - you can purchase some content with a bit of discount (it will remain yours after end of sub but hey, guess what, Sony got your money in the end)
    - you can get some "free" premium avatar or theme (will stay yours after sub ends, but not really free if you actually pay for the sub and prety much useless anyway)
    - you might get some DLC for free (will stay yours I believe)
    - there suppose to be (it's not yet) cross game voicechat but I doubt it will be any time soon
    - you can get part of some Beta games

    I've done the above list just from top of my head but I beleive it's about that.

    So - bottom line - after month of borrowing a few games you migh end up with free avatar, theme and a couple of discounted items. All the such content is predefined by Sony so if you already have anything of that or are not inerrested - tough luck. That's IMO the weakest point of the whole PSN+ sub and why I would never pay for anything like that together with the fact that the "free" games are actually on the (long term) rental basis rather then ownership.

    It woudl be nice if they will actually become your own games lets say after set period of months of "renting" them (3 - 6) to avoid people subscribing jsut here and theer for a short period of time just becasue of a few particular games they're after. But I doubt Sony will ever head this way so - sorry - no money from me for PSN+ ... Cloud saves and voice crosschat can justify the cost to me for this kind of "rental lottery"

    And finally - I'm pretty sure that the free month of PSN+ offer would be limited by time till when you can use it, so you migh easilly end up with the period of time where there will be practically nothing interresting for you at all on offer.

    There is several ways Sony can approach this (apart of the last one meant as a joke really - but with Sony you never know):

    1. The offer will be limited for a reasonable amount of time when you can take it - lets say three or four months - with seemingly very good offering.

    Whle this might seems tempting for current non-subscribers of PSN+ as it will give them impression of a "good deal" and also beneficial to the current subscribers (as they'll get a bit better offers than ususally) so it would seem to "cost" Sony extra money it's actually pretty smart move as they'll hardly actually loose anything. If the users "testing" the + will not suscribe, they'll lose a majority if the content anyway and if they will subscribe, there comes extra revenue. For the current subscribers, they'll get fob of later on, when this will end by a poorer offers in following months (together with all new ones). This could be also percieved as a deception and create a negative effect in the end.

    2. The offer will be limited for a very short time when you can take it - lets say two or max. three months - with current level of offers more or less unchanged.

    This is simple to set, more or less fair to both current as perspective subscribers (as it's not "tricking" anyone by pretending it's better than it actually is) and frankly can result in the same or maybe even higher take up as the previous scenario.

    3. The offer will be open for a fairly long time when you can take it - lets say six months to up to end of this year, maybe even longer - with current level of offers unchanged.

    Again - simple to set, more or less fair to both current as perspective subscribers and by giving more time to pick your own time when to use the free month based on the offers would most probably result in a bit higher take up than the previous scenario.

    4. The offer will be limited to one month only and will start automatically the first day PSN will come back and most probably expire before even Store will be up and running again so you'll be not able to get any free or discounted content whatsoever.

    [This is a JOKE but as said above, you better know... ]

    Cloud saves and voice crosschat can justify the cost to me for this kind of "rental lottery"
    Cloud saves and voice crosschat can't justify the cost to me for this kind of "rental lottery" (was to late to edit it after posting)

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