Today SCEE's James Gallagher has detailed some recent Red Dead Redemption Hunting & Trading Pack issues that users may be experiencing due to an incomplete PSN upload by Sony.

To quote: It has come to our attention that an incomplete version of the Hunting and Trading DLC for Red Dead Redemption was uploaded to PlayStation Network; we apologise for any inconvenience.

This issue has since been rectified, but anyone that downloaded the pack before it was fixed may be experiencing the following issues:

- Days in game reset
- Missions cannot be started and/or do not reset for retries (user is always told to come back the next day)
- Gang hideouts empty with message to return later
- Some hideouts not recognized as gang hideouts and others say "please come back later"
- Buffalo herd not spawning
- Savvy merchant does not register that you have bought stuff in all gunsmiths
- Herb nodes do not reset and some nodes of all type are empty
- Mission markers gone from map and/or being told to come back after a particular time even after waiting over 24 hours
- The user cannot get back up after falling off a cart during a crash.
- When exiting multiplayer, the game saves but does not return to single-player
- The game only loads the following random events: "the poacher", "the herbalist", duals, and "damsel in distress". Missing are: "horse thief", "posse lynching", "cannibal" "wagon theft", "suicide", "hanging rescue", "assist the law with escapees", "dynamite delivery/explosion", "prostitute attack", "posse lynching"

If you are affected by any of these issues, check your Days Passed stat. If it has been reset to "-2? or appears low for the amount of real-life time you have played, then that is the cause of the rest of the issues.

The final version of the Hunting and Trading pack is 59MB. The incomplete version is 15MB and should be deleted before downloading the final version.

To delete the unfinished 'Hunting and Trading' pack on PS3:

1. Enter the XMB (cross media bar) menu
2. Scroll to the 'Game' tab
3. Select 'Game Data Utility'
4. Select 'Red Dead Redemption'
5. Press triangle and select delete

This does not delete your saved games or affect your game progress and all DLC, free and paid, can be reinstalled via the Download List in PlayStation Network Account Management on the PS3 XMB.

We recommend that you visit Rockstar Games Support for more information and to address any problems not covered here.

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