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Thread: Sony Details PlayStation Plus Content Update for October 12, 2010

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    Sony Details PlayStation Plus Content Update for October 12, 2010

    Today SCEE Blog Manager James Gallagher has detailed the new PlayStation Plus content that is available for subscribers.

    To quote: Last Wednesday, I promised that the Hustle Kings Full Game Trial would be available from the Plus section of PlayStation Store by the following day and it didn't happen.

    However, we haven't forgotten and it will be included in tomorrow's PlayStation Store update.

    Moving on, many of you have been asking what time you will be able to download the Killzone 3 theme that grants access to the Killzone 3 beta to the first 10,000 SCEE Plus subscribers who download it.

    We have been discussing which time is best for everyone and we can now confirm that it will go live in the EU PlayStation Store at 8pm in the UK, 9pm CET and 6am in Sydney, Australia on 13 October.

    *We would like to point out that, at this very early stage in the game's development, the Killzone 3 beta will only support the English language. Let us assure you that the final game will be fully localised and there will be opportunities for non-English speakers to experience it in their mother tongue as we get closer to release. Fortunately, the headshot is an international language.

    Another common piece of feedback is that you were unhappy with the lack of game add-on packs provided in the last PlayStation Plus update.

    In response, we have teamed up with Bethesda Softworks to make all of the Fallout 3 DLC available to Plus subscribers for free, as the release of Fallout: New Vegas draws tantalisingly near. Please be aware that these packs will be in the Plus section of PlayStation Store for one week only, from the following dates:

    13 October
    - Fallout 3: Point Lookout
    - Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta
    - Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage

    20 October
    - Fallout 3: Broken Steel
    - Fallout 3: The Pitt

    Finally, we have been able to secure an exclusive multiplayer demo of Split/Second: Velocity for Plus members, which will available from the Plus section of PlayStation Store and via automatic download. If you haven't checked out the game already, it's an action racer set in Jerry Bruckheimer's teenage mind and is well worth a blast.

    We'll keep you updated on any PlayStation Plus developments as and when they happen.

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    med1one Guest
    sorry for my language but : What is this ? this is what i paid for ? I Never played any fps on ps and i wont so screw the beta... also i hate fallout - i don't own the game and i wont buy it! Since the start of PSPlus i didnt download anything. Most of the games i already own and they put only crap in there... wasted money.

    I'm glad Jailbreak is out maybe when somebody FU sony up the ass they wont behave like retards... i'm not updating my FW... at least not till MK9 come out or playing on JB will be safe online... AND MARK MY WORDS - IF YOU CONSIDERING BUYING PS3 - DONT!!! Buy anything else... even nes or snes is better.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Well, I've always had Fallout 3 on the PC (for obvious reasons) with tons of mods.

    Being that I can buy the vanilla game for less than $20, and get all the DLC for free, I think I"m going to go pick it up now. Will be a nice addition to my trophy list.

    I've always heard that the vanilla game with the DLC was a lot less buggy than getting the GOTY version.

    ^ I wish I could edit the above post.

    BE WARNED: This is for the EU Plus members. As of this post, I can't find any info on if the NA store will be getting it.

    Time to return this copy of FO3 to Gamestop now...

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