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Thread: Sony Details Patch Notes for PlayStation Home Update v1.36

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    Sony Details Patch Notes for PlayStation Home Update v1.36

    Today Sony's Home Community Manager CydoniaX revealed that PlayStation Home is being updated to version 1.36 and has detailed the patch notes, as follows:

    Just a reminder that Home will be down starting at 2amPST/5am EST tonight, Tuesday, June 1st, 2010, and will be down for a short time. In the meantime, here are the Patch Notes for te 1.36 update.

    Patch Notes Improvements:

    - We have reduced the time Home takes to start up. After installing and loading the patch for the first time, subsequent loads will be significantly quicker from then on.
    - We've also improved the 3D audio positioning for stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

    Bug fixes:

    - Fixed a bug that could cause large files to be improperly cached.
    - Fixed a bug that would prevent you from changing the size of the cache under certain circumstances.
    - Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when taking photographs.

    [imglink=|Sony Details Patch Notes for PlayStation Home Update v1.36][/imglink]
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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Umm - they were promissing this with last 3 Home updates and it's still terrible. They've managed to cut down the loading time by last update from 8 - 10 minutes down to half (e.g. around 4 - 5 minutes) but it's still NOT acceptable and it's basically killing the whole Home idea as social meeting place / enteratainment HUB

    But - since I can't go online due to the "popular" 3.21 fw update I don't need to bother with this anymore anyway

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I completely agree with you GrandpaHomer.

    I've been messing around on Home since it's beta, and there was a time it was fun and I actually was able to meet and talk to people regularly. However, now, since they've added so much to Home, it's become terrible to use.

    The load times are really unforgivable. I have a 500gb drive in my ps3, so I have everything installed, and it still takes forever to load from one area to another. Also, even once the area is loaded, you still have to wait additional minutes for other people's avatars to load, and even then, wait even further for them to load in detail.

    Nothing quite like seeing blurry, low texture heads and waiting for them to load the detail to see them clearly. Also, if you walk 10 feet away from them, they will "unload" and you have to reload them again to see them clearly, even though you were just next to them and it was loaded (cache anyone?).

    I like Home, but because of lack of optimization, it becomes a chore to use it. I spend more time waiting for it to load, then actually doing anything on it...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest

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    Yeah, I was in beta too and although there was just a handfull of spaces, almost no items and so on - it was FAST and most of all - FUN! Now - it's crap - just money making scheme for Sony and VERY poorly implemented / managed Originally (since Sony blocked region hopping when Home went to "open" beta) I was used to jump between different region / homes several times per day following friends etc. Not anymore though as just one round trip around regions will now take around a hour minimally.

    The "cashing" in particular is really VERY badly implemented and you can be easiily 10 - 15 minutes in the room without even have it fully loaded, not even mentioning load times at stores or wardrobe. The problems is IMO that all the developers / programers test this either "locally" or with some prefered fast connection but in real world it simply doesn't work as expected. Real shame as the whoole idea was great but I'm surelly not spending 10 - 20 minutes to load Home just to say Hi and then jump into some online gaming session ...

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    xerotyme Guest
    The true purpose of 1.36 was to block ISE (Item Server Exploit), no more free clothes from other regions for now at least...

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