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Thread: Sony Details Mid November PlayStation Plus Content Updates

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    Sony Details Mid November PlayStation Plus Content Updates

    Sony PlayStation Network Product Manager James Thorpe has shared details on the mid November content updates that PlayStation Plus members can expect today.

    To quote: We know how much you all love the extra little treats we give you during the month and this month is no exception!

    I was going to make you wait till the end of the post but I'm not that mean.

    The Killzone 3 Public Beta has been running for some time and has seen some great feedback from those Plus members lucky enough to have been sent a voucher code. A big thank you to everyone who has taken part so far!

    If you are not yet on the Killzone 3 Beta - I would like to bring you some good news!

    For a limited amount of time, you will be able to download the Beta straight from the PlayStation Plus section of the PS Store. We will not be sending emails or voucher codes for this; it will simply be available for you to download straight to your console.

    Please note that to take part you will need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription and will need to be a resident in a country in which we operate an EU PlayStation Store - See for full details.

    And here are a few other little treats to keep you going till December.

    Today you will be receiving an exclusive 20% day one discount on the awesome Red Faction: Guerrilla. This title is new to the Store today but you guys are the only ones that get this discount and the ability to try the full game for 1 hour before you buy it, so make the most of it.

    Speaking of discounts there are two more in this mid month publish that you may enjoy. Get your hands on Crazy Taxi at a Plus exclusive 20% off and you also get buy one get one free on the minis titles 'Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess' and 'Who's That Flying?!'

    If you're a fan of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II then you're in luck as we have managed to get you a dynamic theme based on the title and totally exclusive to you guys.

    Last but not least, if you own PlayTV then there is an upgrade launching today called 'Live Chat Upgrade'. This will be available to buy on the Store from today and Plus members get another day one discount with an exclusive 25% off.

    This upgrade gives you some really cool social networking features including: Chat TV, Recommend TV, Community Favourites and a Premium Programme Guide with great search features. Check out all the new features here:

    If you liked these treats then just wait and see what festive treats we will have ready for you next month!

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    LOL Red faction is so cheap here... just 5- 10 euro's... so it's not worth the hassle on PSN.

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    In case anyone is interested in giving it a try: According to forum members on NeoGAF (, you can now download the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta from the Playstation Store in India for free.

    Although the beta is located in the PlayStation Plus section, you do not need to be a member in order to download the beta due to an apparent glitch.

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