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    \\ ... sits back with feet up, eating popcorn and watch the community taking $ony apart ...

    Sent from my Galaxy S II.

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    Wow... I just saw a 4.0 bootup and saw the health warning. Yeah, that's annoying... I can see Sony taking that out of their future versions because people will just complain about it. Why does Sony seem to be falling apart lately?

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    Did they find a way to get back on PSN? The instructions they give sound kind of like the old method that got shutdown.

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, nothing new there.. it just works for a few days each time a new Firmware update is released and then Sony shuts it down again.

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    I didn't know that it had even been working! Wow, does it work on 3.55CFW? If so, I would love to off-load some trophies I've gotten since March. lol

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, here is one of the previous articles on it:

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    Wtf that sucks. I didn't know they finally patched it

    Would've been nice to play a game online with a friend every once in a while lol...

    Could've used the opportunity to gameshare some psn games

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