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    Sony dealt another serious blow....

    Looks like Universal has chosen HD-DVD. Is it just me or does the bad news keep getting worse.....

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    This is crazy talk. I don't think we will ever get a clear winner out of this. They (movie studios) Will start to make both copies (HD/Blu ray) Disks. That way they can still make the money either way. I don't know for sure but I would assum it's not that much to make HD/Blu ray disks (hell it only cost about 15-20cents to make a dvd)

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    Quote Originally Posted by masr1979 View Post
    As far as I hear Blueray still has the majority of studios.... I could be wrong, so somone correct me if I'm wrong. The only 2 studios right now that are exclusively for hd-dvd are Universal and New Line Cinema though I agree with dark1, they will end up releasing blueray movies as well, same goes for the ones that are backing blueray exclusively, it will only be a matter of time. In my opinion blueray has 2 things against it, at the moment first: price and second: doesn't do well in format wars, betamax, MD, UMD (movies) I probably missed something else too.
    Their memory stick lost out to SD/xD and their online music store didn't do to well. Then movie studios all but gave up on UMDs, they got sued for the music CD fiasco, and now they have to replace exploding laptop batteries. I think that's all

    I suppose you could add the 500K PS3s worldwide situation, but we'll see what happens in Novemeber. I do agree that we might see movies on both HD-DVD and BluRay, but eventually one will prevail.

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    I think that PS3 (whenever it comes out) will play a big role in this format-war.
    Although, I don't think there will be a clear winner in the end. Neither side is willing to give up...

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    Dont forget Atrac < Mp3...

    But you gotta give Sony some credit for tryin... and as for the BR/HD situation, I agree that the companies will make both eventually.

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    I think that Sony keeps failing because of their prices. But they keep trying cause if they ever win one, the royalties would be phenomenal.

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    i belive if you buy a br player it will play all formats..

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    Like it really matters... DVD's will be the norm for a few years to come still. And by that time the console will be through almost half of its productive life span.

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