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Thread: Sony Dates Resistance 3, PS3 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

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    Sony Dates Resistance 3, PS3 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

    SCEA Product Marketing Specialist David Bull revealed today that Resistance 3 PS3 will hit US shelves on September 6th, 2011 (across Europe from September 7-9th) and has detailed what pre-order bonuses PlayStation 3 fans can look forward to.

    To quote: Do you like burning Chimera to a crisp with Air Fuel Grenades? Maybe you want to play as Nathan Hale on the Chimeran battlefield? Or perhaps you'd rather wear Chimera teeth as a war trophy?

    If so, we've got something special for you. Today, we're announcing the Resistance 3 pre-order program, offering unique packages and bonuses to customize your Resistance 3 experience when it launches this fall

    Here's the full rundown:


    Joseph Capelli wears a necklace of Chimeran teeth during Resistance 3. Show that you are the resistance with this authentic replica that symbolizes the battle against the Chimera.

    Pre-ordering at GameStop grants access to a unique multiplayer booster, which allows you to start Resistance 3 multiplayer at Level 5. This also offers immediate flexibility and character customization options from the moment you begin the online competitive game.


    Show off your Resistance 3 fandom in competitive online play with this pre-order package that offers a special set of five custom name titles, including Sentinel. The Sentinels are an elite group of soldiers in Resistance, and the only way to obtain these exclusive multiplayer PSN tags is by pre-ordering at Wal-Mart.


    The No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade has been issued for combating Chimera in tight spaces commonly found in urban conflicts. The grenade will adhere to almost any surface, biological or otherwise, and deploy a cloud of flammable vapor. Once released, the cloud ignites, creating a massive explosion.

    This fan favorite grenade makes a special return to the single-player campaign of Resistance 3 - but only for those who pre-order from Amazon.

    Best Buy

    Lt. Nathan Hale skipped his viral inhibitor treatments in the final hours of Resistance 2 in order to continue the fight against the Chimera. Play as him in his final hours with this special multiplayer skin, letting you bring Hale to the battlefields of Resistance 3.

    Love a good victory dance after a win? Show off your skills by using a special Best Buy exclusive ability in multiplayer to taunt your fallen enemies. Only the most skilled players can forsake another ability in order to taunt their enemies.

    Canada and other U.S. retailers

    The backbone of the US effort against the Chimera during the war, Black Ops troops were a common site at SRPA facilities and during special operations. Mostly killed and destroyed, this special multiplayer skin lets you return as one of the most mysterious soldiers from R:FOM and R2.

    Resistance 3, the latest installment of the post-apocalyptic franchise from Insomniac Games, invades North American store shelves on September 6th, 2011.

    [imglink=|Sony Dates Resistance 3, PS3 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Dates Resistance 3, PS3 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Dates Resistance 3, PS3 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest


    why so many variations of bonus.. why not have them all together, or is this a market research exercise to find what 1 people respond to.. LOL

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    NTA Guest
    Which place should I pre-order from? I'm thinking of gamestop naturally but idk...

    And when did the psn icons for the debug psn links turn red? lol!?

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    Bishoff Guest
    What is wrong with Sony's marketing team? Who really cares to get that necklace and better yet whom is going to wear such a thing? Especially if you want a girl to not laugh in your face, lol. I agree with above, the rest of the dlc junk has research all over it.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Here in the EU we get them all with the special edition. Survivor edition ads some backpack etc.

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    syphonlord Guest
    Wow i think those are real Chimera teeth.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    +1 haha. Well it's not Sony that made up this bs. It's wall mart that refuses to sell the same as other shops! They always want something special.

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    syphonlord Guest
    Just gonna pre order from as all i really want is the uncharted 3 beta, don't need a new necklace.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I hate when there are a bunch of different pre-orders.

    Since I didn't know where else to post it, I'm digging the new main page layout, it loads really fast (on dial-up at home).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Valiant View Post
    Since I didn't know where else to post it, I'm digging the new main page layout, it loads really fast (on dial-up at home).
    Good to hear... We still have to port a lot of things (subdomains, etc) to it but the main page and articles are done at least. I think it looks better in FireFox and Chrome, but does work in IE etc too.

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