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Thread: Sony: Cross-Game Voice Chat is Coming but No Date is Set Yet

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    Sony: Cross-Game Voice Chat is Coming but No Date is Set Yet

    Update: The official PlayStation Site was recently revamped, and now lists in-game chat for online games as a separate feature and states, to quote:

    "Talking with friends or other players in the middle of a game is easy. Chat by text or use your headset to voice chat. You can also add new friends or check other player's profiles (including their Trophy collections) to know who you're up against while you're playing."

    Although many are a bit disappointed that yesterday's PS3 Firmware 3.10 update announcement didn't include the cross-game voice chat functionality discussed recently by PSN Director Eric Lempel, it is in the works.

    The European Blog's James Thorpe has revealed that cross-game voice chat is coming in response to the question "when is there going to be cross-game voice chat?" regarding the firmware update.

    To quote his reply: "I wish I could just give you a date, I really do!"

    "Trust me when I say that as soon as I hear from 'up top' I will be shouting about it and making myself the most popular person on the blog."

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    internetfloozy Guest
    They said awhile ago that firmware updates won't be coming out as often as they use too, my guess is they will have seasonal updates about the same times as the 360.

    So my guess is we won't be seeing this until at least the summer.

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    Murdah Guest


    I always play Killzone 2 with friends but we cant organize because we just can voice chat when we are in the same lobby! Finally they are making this update.

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    cyberbob Guest
    Cross game chat is for me the most wanted feature we need on ps3. Since my x360 ban i am playing live on ps3 but it is very complicated to make meeting with friends without the cross game chat. I hope it will come soon (the ps3 is three years old now!!).

    Go go sony and let's hope it will come in the beginning of 2010.

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