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Thread: Sony: Cross-Game Chat Not Possible on PS3, Memory Restrictions

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daveribz View Post
    Option 2 is impossible, read the article But yeah, they should've known this from the beginning.
    I did read it - they say that they give a game all the RAM and don't get it back while that game is running. But retro actively reserving a memory block wouldn't be impossible - like I said, it's just memory allocation (malloc).

    Even something small like a 500KB to 2MB allocation would do, which would just be for the process/daemon required to initiate Cross-Game Chat. The game would still get all the RAM it thinks is available and the memory that is reserved is used for the Cross-Game Chat feature.

    It would only be VoIP anyway, the average VoIP conversation is about 90Kb/s (KiloBITs, not Kilobytes) which is nothing to do with RAM, that's pure bandwidth (incl. overhead).

    The only thing that would need memory is the initial process/daemon to start the feature and maybe the compression/decompression of each packet in the conversation... but even that would require a barely negligible amount of memory.
    Bottom line is, a simple non GUI based client which can be accessed via XMB or from within a game, which is pure VoIP, will not require massive amounts of RAM to operate.

    I don't care about this feature either D3adliner but I don't like it when something can be done but the company CBA to do it coz it requires a bit of work so they just say "Yeah it just isn't possible".

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    elser1 Guest
    why can't we buy a 2gig ram stick nm 1gig video ram to throw in.. LOL

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    Linx86 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    A feature I could give a ratsass about...
    It would be designed to avoid that and have communication channels with only your friends. Not some randoms within the games.

    Unsure about the limitations, but what about virtual RAM? Couldn't they just load it up on the HDD instead?

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    onenut Guest
    developers are having a hard time developing for the PS3 and even Fony themselves can't code for it lmao

    i'd scrap the whole XMB bs and replace it with an Android Operating System

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I still remember, when my phone had broken down, I was talking to my friend on the AC Brotherhood death match. We were having casual talk about what's cooking,etc. When a female joined us in the chat and we ended up talking about her recent break-up, ALL while playing the death-match. In the end we won, but we must have given a serious headache to the other players.

    Now, if we replicate what I did, thousands of times, we get XBOX Live. People talking random crap with no relevance to the game. If you want to talk, use Skype. I know it is handier to use the PS3 Headset only, but seriously it's good it's ain't there.

    Just my opinion.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Or why not develop some sort of messenger/chat program that can be run from XMB (homebrew)?

    If people are seriously dying enough to talk to people then phone them up!

    Pc games - fair enough, I use a headset (BF Bad Company, Eve online etc) as there are lots of programs dedicated for chat/voip.

    After all, the PS3 is a 'trimmed down' computer system that by the looks of it now is getting dated. A computer is classed as 'old' merely weeks/months after its release. Games console longevity is just stretched out by the developers who slowly trickle-feed the public accessories, games & services.

    Anyone remember sticking an extra 64Mb of RAM in their Xbox console? My god, that was hardcore back then!

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    nipsen Guest
    ^agree. There are about.. five useful functions on the xmb while you're in a game? Messages, chat, mic control. But they happily cut down keyboard input methods >_< while making sure all the avatars and status-updates, trophy syncing and item browsing functions are still there.

    They could easily, imo, cut almost all of it while in game, stop the pre-allocation. And then allow a freeze of the game-operation (with a small suspend function for the vram, for example) for using things like the web-browser, or the infinite amount of facebook junk and so on.

    It's not that I don't like the concept with the xmb. But when it doesn't look the same way while you're in a game anyway -- why press it? It's not like you can use even a small fraction of the operations on it while in a game anyway. Most of it is greyed out even if you're just watching a movie. So what's the point?

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    mushy409 Guest
    I agree here, if sony optimised the way the functions were handled, or as said, even trim down the onscreen junk & useless poop then they maybe could manage it. I'm no software architect, but surely if M$ can completely overhaul the xbox dash, then surely sony could?

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    saviour07 Guest
    I'm not defending the XMB here but it's Sony's baby when it comes to menu navigation across other Sony products, not just the PS3 - it's even won an award! An overhaul of something which has won an award for it's design is kind of like admitting it wasn't that well designed in the first place.

    I agree that when in game and bringing up the XMB it should be a cut down version, but I think that is a totally different debate and people are focussing more on how you would access Cross-Game Chat rather than how Sony could retro-actively do something to resolve the memory issue.

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    CodeKiller Guest
    Can you remember when sony was so proud to announce the mighty in-game-XMB feature? And then it turned out to be just a good for nothing version. Yeah, maybe xmb doesn't look bad, and you can do basic stuff, but why the hell no real multitasking? I'm pretty sure the award wasn't for the engine powering it.

    Also I'm a bit suspicious that by m$ have done these, sony would need to pay licenses -- witch they doesn't like to do (rumble/dual-shock, blu-ray...) -- and instead they give some crap about why these are impossibru

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