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    Sony considering external PS3 hard drive?

    SCEE boss David Reeves has hinted that Sony may at some point consider releasing Official external PS3 HDD's.

    "We launched with 60GB and to reduce the price we went to 40GB. We're not sure we want to stay with that configuration of hard drive, and I think what you're going to see in the future is maybe consumers can choose.

    The PlayStation will stay the same, but consumers can choose whichever size of hard drive they want. They can now, or course, because it's not a proprietary hard drive." said Reeves.

    To quote: "It might be that we will offer the possibility for people to have a bigger hard drive, but they have that option now.

    But it does not mean that we have anything in the works to introduce a different model or bigger hard drive built in," added Reeves.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SniprSnake Guest
    hmm i wonder if sony would ever allow you to special order a ps3 with a specific HDD size?

    an official PS3 USB HDD seems kinda pointless unless it needed no external power source, seamless attached to the ps3 (like say a vertical stand with with the HDD in it) would be encrypted, and allow "GAME" data like demos and save data to be saved too and loaded from...

    I for example like to keep all my movies/music/photos on a usb

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    pdxubaru Guest
    I wish Sony would release a version of the PS3 without the internal HDD, giving people the option to only run an external drive, or put the HDD they want inside paying for it in the initial investment.

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    I'd much prefer they release a sidecar ala the xbox360 that utilizes the internal sata connector but allow us to puta 3.5" hard drive in it.

    You can do that now, but the current way of doing it isn't exactly elegant looking. A small sidecar that matches the color of the ps3 and holds the drive in a vertical position would be perfect.

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    pjrblue Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tokyo Rain View Post
    You can do that now, but the current way of doing it isn't exactly elegant looking.
    So you prefer an external drive ... the only difference is that you want they create something elegant looking, some kind of connection between the HDD external and the console.

    I must disagree in the external HDD, i prefer the internal HDD, what i don't like is the size. When the first consoles were announced I thought "20GB is more than I will need", I bought the 60GB version it was the only model at sale at Portugal, but now I think 250GB is not to much, with so many games requiring 4 or 5GB buffer and the content online.

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    puksa Guest
    Oh yes, internal drive isnt proprietary. The file system on it is! What for do i have to buy sony's external hdd if i cannot place anything i want on it?.. Thats not a good idea, i think. There's lots of things that sony can think about.

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    agentnumber2 Guest
    You can pick up a 320GB 2.5" drive and just drop it in... is that not enough room for now?

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