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    Apr 2005

    Sony Confirms Release of PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 for Today

    Shortly following the video preview of the upcoming PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 comes the official Press Release (below) and confirmation that it will indeed arrive today.

    According to 1Up.com, Sony will be releasing the 3.10 update today.

    To quote: They've apparently been planning this for some time now, but network operation director Eric Lempel wouldn't say how long.

    "I'll just say that it's been in the works for quite some time," he said in an interview with 1UP.

    "It's never been easy to just integrate new content into the PlayStation Network. We've had this planned for a while now."

    Press Release: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. to Offer Richer Online Social Experience to PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System Owners with Facebook Integration

    Next Firmware Update (v3.10) Enables PlayStation 3 system Gamers to Share Their Experiences with Friends on Facebook, Including Trophies Won In-Game, PlayStation(R)Network Game Purchases, and Game Events

    FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 18 - Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. ("SCEA") today announced an integration with Facebook to deliver the first phase of a variety of new features to further connect and enhance the online social experiences of PlayStation®3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system owners.

    Starting on November 18, as part of the system software update, version 3.10, users can easily showcase their game accomplishments to friends and family, and post information about the PS3 games they purchase from PlayStation®Network to Facebook. With the new Facebook integration, PS3 system owners now have access to a truly social and seamless user experience.

    With Firmware 3.10, PS3 system owners can now not only brag to friends about their domination as a gamer, but also back it up by sharing unlocked trophies with their friends on Facebook every time they sync their Trophies.

    Additionally, the system update enables PS3 system owners to share information on games they just purchased with a click of a button. The new system update also enables game developers to set up trigger points in their games that provide PS3 system users the option to quickly and easily publish game related information from their favorite titles to Facebook.

    "Launching Facebook for the PlayStation community is a natural fit for our goal of delivering unparalleled connected experiences - from connecting our community to each other to connecting our customers to great entertainment downloaded from the PlayStation Store," said Susan Panico, senior director, PlayStation Network, SCEA. "As we pass the third anniversary of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network, we're excited to deepen the social experiences of PlayStation Network and kick-off the first phase of our integration with Facebook."

    "We're excited to connect Facebook's 300 million active users with the PlayStation 3, enabling players to connect and share their game experiences with friends," said Ethan Beard, director, Facebook Developer Network.

    Key Facebook Features:

    Showcase Trophies: Instantly share trophies you earn in PS3 games in your Facebook stream. Simply sync your PS3 system and easily show off your accomplishments to friends and family.

    PlayStation Store Purchase Log Publishing: Let friends and family on Facebook instantly know which PlayStation 3 games you've purchased. The PlayStation Store, available to PS3 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system owners through PlayStation Network, features over 200 downloadable games, many of which are exclusive to PS3 or PSP system owners, in addition to over 4,000 pieces of add-on game content.

    Game Event: With a few quick clicks of the controller sharing select game events, progress and statistics is now easier than ever with the Facebook integration.

    Additional New Firmware 3.10 Features (not related to Facebook):

    - Photos: Photos will now be displayed in a grid format for simplified access and viewing.
    - Friends List: The PlayStation Network Friends List has an enhanced design that enables users to customize the background color of their PlayStation Network Profile.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    broy4686 Guest
    meh. this update does nothing for me. does anyone know if its required to play online?

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    TDMaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    "We're excited to connect Facebook's 300 million active users with the PlayStation 3, enabling players to connect and share their game experiences with friends"
    no more "real" updates so they want to add bugs.. lol

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    Apr 2005


    The European PS Blog has now posted some more pictures of the changes to the XMB, etc. I added a few to the first post and the rest are below.


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    OGroteKoning Guest
    I am not one to complain about too many issues in life, but this time with the latest update, I will voice my opinion.

    I think Sony is missing the plot. The PS3 is a gaming console (and a great one at that). Their primary objective should be with streamlining the gaming capabilities and functions that has to do with gameplay. I am a facebook user, but I can for the life of me not see the value of Facebook on the console. If I want to keep my friends updated on facebook, I will do so on a PC/Laptop, but for heavens sake - keep the PS3 for gaming!

    I have read quite a bit of articles on the official PS3 website and there is quite often a thread in the forums whereby gamers add to a wishlist for things on the PS3, and never have I seen any requests for Facebook. Does it not make more sense to give loyal supporters and gamers the options they want instead of giving them options Sony wants?

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    victorinox Guest
    ^ its all about the casual user, and useless add on features =P

    I have a nice tv, with way too many ports to count/care about...

    I can hook it up to my laptop, and play files
    I can hook it up with my Media center extender *not a 360 a actual extender*
    or I can hook it up with my ps3

    I always choose the latter *unless the file wont load XD*

    realistically speaking, Cross Game chating adds nothing to gameplay nor do i feel like its a feature thats a MUST! I also feel that this is amung the many useless features people have been complaining about... In my eyes i see it ON PAR with a facebook add on... however its quite clear that they want to bridge the gap from Xbox and PS3

    since cross game chat isnt a simple process this is a quite simple one *by comparison* this is also part of the tons of add ons that make people quite happy.

    the ps3/xbox's big appeal for me is the fact that their all in 1's, Prior to buying my extender I almost bought a x360 just for the extender part and maybe games, the ps3 is no different... Media center booting, dvd/BD/cd/etc booting, external HDD booting, games, download movies, etc

    its all about making the thing more appealing to everyone, because not every gamer is gonna care about every game add on, since not every game player really cares! my brother for instance is a x360 player...

    hes had his box since june, and he currently owns 3 games for it, His gamer score is 40 *i got my ps3 in mayish time... I forget exactly but i think it was may and within a month or 2, and im a psn level 13 =P so you can see a noteable difference there* my brother, uses it mostly to boot DVD's and music... thats just how it goes, not like the people here speak for the majority *lets face it were the minority*

    so yeah... *waits for the complaints about how Cross Game chat is different*

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Very Nice Update!!!

    WOW a very good update!!! WHY?!??!

    AXN/Animax – Czech/Poland/Hungary/Bulgaria/Romania & Slovakia

    Wahahhahaa.. finally SONY said something about ROMANIA!!! WOOOOWHOOOW!!! maybe there is hope afteralll!!!
    Come on.. give as the store and Home!!

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    semitope Guest
    cross game chat is useful for setting up games with friends and organising/troubleshooting. Typing everything is no fun but being able to speak whilst setting things up would be great.

    Btw I dont quite mean cross gamechat exactly. I would hope the chat function simply works no matter where you are (xmb/game/home) you will always be able to chat to ppl in the same room as you.

    Maybe this is a feature sony might start making ppl pay for? Or they could just make it p2p with 1 person hosting the chatroom and sending all chat information to the rest of the peers.

    On the facebook thing - i reallly dont care to let ppl on my facebook know I am playing the ps3. Imagine you already have employers going to ppls pages to see details on them, now they see you are playing ps3 all day or even friends you dont want to know that. Sony really needs to start enhancing the ps3 and stop adding crap that you could easily use the browser with.

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    deksar Guest


    What a joke! I will not even try that update. Waste of time. THIS IS A GAME CONSOLE!

    Wake up Sony, it is not time to waste your time! Forget Facebook! There are tons of much more VERY IMPORTANT features still wait to be implemented for PS3 such as Backwards Compatibility for PS2 games, such as adding not only barbie-baby-styled PsOne so-called "Classics" but also some serious, "real" PsOne Classics such as Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat 4, some Tekken, a Chessmaster maybe, on the European PSN so we could really call it "PsOne Classics".

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    Tristan Young Guest
    I have to agree, this update is completely lackluster.

    If it helps anyone with non-facebook stuff, then it's good for them. But the vast majority of gamers don't care about sharing content on facebook.

    Even worse - now people will have more things to "Hide" on facebook. People are pissed off enough because they seem to be endlessly hiding application feeds.

    Facebook has 20 pages of applications, and with 8 applications per page, that's 160 applications. I've hidden half of them so far, and I'm working on the other half.

    Sony, what the hell are you doing, wasting your time with facebook? Do you have any clue what the majority of PS3 owners want? I think it's time to take the firmware open-source, let the community turn the PS3 firmware into something we can be proud of.

    Facebook functionality. Big fat hairy deal!

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