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    karapesh Guest
    GoW III is going to be awesome. The first 2 games were brilliant, this can't fail

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    dock12 Guest
    To start with Uncharted 2, I have to say its a blast. It just gives the right balance between riddles, platforming and action. Sure there can be different individual preferations but you have to admit its very entertaining.

    Looking at MMO you can see that they already stagnate. And this is due to the missing storylines and characters. Its time for intense stories and well made characters which altogehter give us an enviroment/world/future we like to see.

    Anyway, looking at 2010 I'll start with Darksiders and wait for Mafia II.


    PS: I am sure there will be something for everybody
    PPS: GOW is a little too aggressive, brutal. Not a must have for me. Perhaps I am just a sissy

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