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    Sony Confirms PlayStation Move UK Pricing & Starter Pack Details

    A few weeks back Sony announced PlayStation Move PS3 motion controller bundles and pricing for North America, and today they have confirmed UK pricing and Starter Pack details.

    To quote from (linked above): The Motion Controller itself will be £34.99, while the Sub Controller will be £24.99. The PlayStation Eye will cost £24.99.

    There will also be a £49.99 bundle featuring the Motion Controller, the Eye and a starter disc.

    PlayStation Move Starter Pack

    The disc will contain, as well as an instructional video, the following demos on the disc:

    - Sports Champions
    - Start the Party!
    - The Shoot
    - EyePet: Move Edition
    - TV Superstars
    - Tiger Woods PGA TOUR ® 11 (English only)
    - echochrome ii (PSN title)
    - Tumble (PSN title)
    - Beat Sketchers (PSN title)

    Sony's been keen to point out this morning that the Sub Controller isn't necessary to play Move-enabled games: you can use a DualShock instead.

    PlayStation Move launches on September 15 in Europe, September 18 in the US and on October 21 in Japan.

    Sony Confirms PlayStation Move UK Pricing & Starter Pack Details

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    Does anyone know if all the Demos on the disc will be available on the PS network for free? as I already have a Camera.

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    Yep, according to Sony's Kim Nguyen it will be:
    Will whats on the PlayStation Move game demo disc also be available as free downloads from the PS Store?

    Yes, at some point the demos will be available on the PS Store.

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    Erm - EyePet Move edition - any info surfaced yet if the "old" EyePet will be upgradeable to Move version and if yes if for free? I'm certainly not purchasing the whole game again ...

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