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Thread: Sony Confirms PlayStation Home 1.35 is Launching Tomorrow

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    Sony Confirms PlayStation Home 1.35 is Launching Tomorrow

    Today Sony's PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser has confirmed that PlayStation Home version 1.35 is launching tomorrow, as first hinted a few weeks ago.

    To quote: Tomorrow we will be launching PlayStation Home 1.35, a new client update that will include some very significant enhancements that will make your PlayStation Home experience even better.

    This update will bring several of the changes that you, the PlayStation Home community, have said are most important to you. Most notably, this update features faster load times, giving you quicker access to PlayStation Home and all the great content within.

    The new 1.35 update also enhances the login process. Now, once you have launched into PlayStation Home from the XMB, you will be transported directly to a new intuitive navigator, without the need to click through message screens.

    Like much of PlayStation Home, the design of this new navigator is directly based on community feedback on how to improve access to the content used most in PlayStation Home. This streamlined interface features categories to help you quickly move through PlayStation Home and locate friends in just a few clicks.

    Categories will include:

    - Favorites: Personalize your own section to make locating your favorite places quick and simple.
    - Personal Spaces: Your clubhouses and personal spaces are now right at your fingertips. The personal spaces you own and the clubhouses you belong to will be viewable in one convenient location.
    - Friends: Finding your friends in PlayStation Home has never been easier. View the current location of your friends in PlayStation Home, and then navigate there to enjoy the action together.
    - Explore: Browse all the spaces PlayStation Home offers. Finding a space that suites your taste and mood has never been easier.
    - Recommend: Keep up with what's hot in PlayStation Home. This regularly updated category will feature the newest and most exciting additions to PlayStation Home.

    Just a reminder that PlayStation Home will not be accessible for a brief period tomorrow as we work the magic on our side to bring you this update. If you have any questions or comments, as always, please drop us a note in the PlayStation Home forums.

    With now 12 million users around the world playing games, attending special events, watching videos, listening to music, and meeting new friends, there has never been a better time to join the PlayStation Home community.

    For those of you that are already part of the party, with tomorrow's 1.35 update, I think you'll agree that everything you love about PlayStation Home just got that much better.

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    red8316 Guest
    Home 1.35 is now live. I'm in it right now and liking the new layout, very clean and easy looking. It's definitely evolving in the right direction I think. If only I didn't have to re-download the spaces again...

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    hitonesw Guest

    New PS3 Home

    Unfortunately I can see where it may be going, but it isn't there yet.

    Originally it looked clean and crisp, but now it makes the Wii look quality, more of a backstep than a jump forward.

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