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Thread: Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users via PSN

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    Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users via PSN

    PlayStation Network Senior Director Susan Panico has confirmed today that Hulu Plus will soon be available to all PS3 users via PSN.

    To quote: As you may have already seen, today Sony announced the availability of the Hulu Plus service on 2010 BRAVIA HDTVs and BRAVIA Internet Video Link via the BRAVIA Internet Video platform and will soon be available on Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, Network Media Player and DASH.

    But, perhaps the most exciting news for all of you PlayStation fans is the upcoming availability of Hulu Plus to all PlayStation 3 users in the United States who enjoy free access to PlayStation Network and its variety of online content.

    Beginning next week, Hulu Plus will lift the invitation-only availability of its service, which was previously exclusive to select PlayStation Plus subscribers, and open it up to all PlayStation Network members, making the PlayStation 3 the first and only console dedicated to gaming to offer the service.

    The Hulu Plus subscription service offers full current season runs of hit TV programs from major broadcast programming studios and will add to the more than 27,800 movies and TV episodes already available on the PlayStation Store, providing the most exhaustive catalogue of entertainment content to PlayStation Network members.

    We'll have more to share next week, so make sure to check back in for details on where you can find Hulu Plus on the PlayStation Network.

    [imglink=|Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users via PSN][/imglink]
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    tarataqa Guest
    Whoo Hoo! I get to pay a monthly fee to HULU!!

    Go SONY!

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    mcx997 Guest
    is this worth of buy ? it also depends on prices..

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    msr Guest
    Hulu is definately good, but i do not like the ads. Good thing by sony, shame they did not do this earlier.

    I like many others would much rather watch tv like this, and when i want.

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