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Thread: Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Preview is Streaming on PS3 Today

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    Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Preview is Streaming on PS3 Today

    A few weeks back it was first announced and clarified, so beginning today Sony PSN Sr. Director Susan Panico has confirmed that the Hulu Plus preview will officially be streaming on the PS3 entertainment system.

    Additionally, has shared a video preview (below) of the Hulu Plus PlayStation 3 application.

    To quote: Continuing our goal to provide the most content-rich entertainment platform in the living room to the PlayStation community, I'm excited to announce that beginning today, the preview of Hulu Plus is available on the PlayStation 3 in the U.S., the first and only console with dedicated gaming functionality that will offer Hulu Plus this year.

    [viddler id=43a0f41f&w=545&h=327]

    If you don't know, Hulu Plus is Hulu's new subscription service offering full current season runs of hit TV programs from ABC, FOX and NBC, adding even more premium video content to the more than 23,000 movies and TV episodes already available on the PlayStation Store.

    So how do you get Hulu Plus? Well, starting today, a select group of PlayStation Plus subscribers can gain access to a preview version of Hulu Plus. All PlayStation Plus subscribers may download the free Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store and, within it, request an invitation to the exclusive preview.

    If you are accepted, you can access Hulu Plus for an additional $9.99 per month (the fee that Hulu is charging for all Hulu Plus subscribers) and start enjoying its library of television shows and movies from nearly 150 leading content companies streamed on demand in HD.

    As Hulu Plus becomes generally available in the coming months, all PlayStation 3 users in the United States will be able to download and subscribe to the full Hulu Plus service and it will also be available on wide range of Sony Electronics Internet-connected entertainment devices, including select BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

    [imglink=|Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Preview is Streaming on PS3 Today][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Confirms Hulu Plus Preview is Streaming on PS3 Today][/imglink]
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    IanJ Guest
    Does anyone know if you can setup a US PSN account and access this from outside the US?

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    knight0fdragon Guest


    that's a $50 experiment, who wants to bother testing that..

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    pixilicous Guest


    I can already tell you without checking that it won't.

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    mgsfan77 Guest
    Dang, with netflix, psn plus subsrciption, and now hulu subscription thats a lot just for the psn! Not including anything else! But people will buy...

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    Still, if you purchase the PS+ package and Hulu Plus subscription, it'll still be much cheaper than cable/satellite. If all you do is watch on-the-air shows (this excludes HBO, showtime, etc.), then it's well worth it to switch to either Hulu or Netflix than stick with cable/satellite. That is, unless you're a huge sports fan.

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