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    Apr 2005

    Sony Confirms In-Game XMB For 2008

    Sony spokesperson Paul Purdy confirmed at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show that in-game XMB is coming to the PlayStation 3 this year, according to the source linked above.

    The rep unfortunately would not pin a date or give a release timeline, but rest assured that the long-awaited feature is coming this year guys! :D

    For those unaware, the PS3's OS is unavailable while in games. This prevents the use of custom soundtracks or messenging while a game is active, and since the Xbox 360 offers its users both while in-game, PS3 owners have been justifiably frustrated.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    oldirtysingh Guest
    finally i can actually msg someone when i see their name login.

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    DaW Guest
    does this mean we will be able to listen to music while playing games?!

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    moneyslap03 Guest
    i this carries video chat, internet browser, music, and messaging

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    Jimar Guest
    this is gna be soo good, being able to do stuff without having to quit the game

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    awwdeit Guest
    I wish this would have been in since day one, but I'm glad they're finally adding the feature.

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    Iron man Guest
    i hope it comes early 2008

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    cc2000 Guest
    Great! hope it will come with next f/w update.

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    drspades Guest
    They really need to have built in team speak for all games, i want to chat with my friends when i'm gaming with them. or even hear them sing while playing rockband.

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    Karuto Guest
    This should have been a feature from the start, especially from the video clips they had from long ago that already showed the in-game XMB. However, I'm very happy they decided to deliver it regardless, and can't wait to be able to change my settings while playing. It sure beats having to play, then quit, change the PS2 settings, and then hit play again, while all the time making sure the controller is active so I don't have to suffer more of those terrible audio problems my HDTV was having...

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