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Thread: Sony to Combine Main Division with PlayStation 3 Subsidiary

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    Sony to Combine Main Division with PlayStation 3 Subsidiary

    Sony has confirmed via Bloomberg News report that its main company and the PlayStation 3 based Sony Computer Entertainment subsidiary will combine hardware distribution operations in an effort to cut costs.

    The two divisions are planning combine forces to put physical distribution of Sony products under one unified roof.

    Previously, Sony's televisions and other hardware were distributed by a separate set of employees in the parent company.

    To quote: "Sony Corp. plans to consolidate its international distribution operations with those of its video- games unit this fiscal year to reduce overlapping costs.

    The Tokyo-based company and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., which sells PlayStation 3 software and hardware, will combine distribution routes and jointly bid for contracts, spokeswoman Mami Imada said, confirming an earlier report by the Nikkei newspaper. Imada declined to give specific figures on the estimated savings."

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    AKmania Guest

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    wow that means PS3 price will drop again. Just hope the game price will drop too lol

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    ultimateskillz Guest
    Hopefully more countries will ''officially'' get playstation network support.

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    jinque Guest
    So... they had a division distributing laptops, televisions, receivers, speakers, mp3 players, phones, cameras, camcorders, headphones, dvd/blu-ray players, each of which has numerous series/models.. and then a division delivering ps3, ps2, psp3000, and a pspgo.

    Even considering official accessories and bundles it doesn't seem much of a division to have been on its own in the first place.

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