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Thread: Sony CEO: PS3 Motion Controller Can Work with Existing Games

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    Sony CEO: PS3 Motion Controller Can Work with Existing Games

    Speaking to CNBC, the president and CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton promised that the PS3 motion controller (and its games library) will be far more flexible and diverse than what one would find on Nintendo's machine.

    To quote: "Personally, it's very difficult for me to perceive God of War 3 being played with the Wii controller," he said.

    "It's a different experience that doesn't lend itself to certain types of games. [But] I think our [motion] controller can be used with every game that's on the system now - and every game we're working on."

    In fact, Tretton goes so far as to say compatibility with current PS3 games is "absolutely conceivable."

    Without being able to go hands-on with the device, it's hard to judge. Are there sufficient buttons and sticks to make a 1:1 translation between DualShock and the motion controllers? Time will tell...

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    Shrink Guest
    It COULD be implemented to older games BUT it WON'T be implemented. Just like they said what could be done with trophies.
    Have you seen trophies on MGSIV or Heavenly Sword lately?

    Forget it. Next thing is: This tool is so BETA I could swear they put it on the shelves in a year or two (if even). And in some month's time you will ask yourself: "Hey, what happend to that motion-sensing stuff they promised?"

    I know Sony for some time now. And announcing things way to early always has been a big problem to that company.

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    Zoddi Guest
    That's perhaps the same strategy from Sony every time... I hope they learn a bit.

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    semitope Guest
    Beta? Well they have the eyetoy already and this DOES augment the functions of that so... whats stopping this from being viable and real?

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    a lot of games i have that were bought before trophies came about now have trophy support.

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    otarumx Guest
    The same could be said about Natal, it's still a very early beta and if past experiences tell me anything it will be a shoddy piece of technology that will be rushed to market and will need those ugly red jumpsuits or at least red clothing to make it recognize people.

    Both MS and Sony are so afraid that they will be left out of the Wii market that are announcing things too early and start the hype about their technologies even when they are clearly still on their infancy. And the blogs and people on the net start to make up things about them and say that it uses this or that technology or that the target video shown at the conferences is real or just being amazed by it even when they haven't really put their hands and tried the tech.

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    Tekkie Guest
    There have been a lot of 'rumours' about the sony montion technology for a long time now. Just the fact that they have provided software manufacters with dev kits should be an indication that this is way out of 'beta stage'

    The ps3 may have better motion detection in the end but you cant beat the wii for playability. Time will only tell

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